Party Wars

10:00pm Monday, November 8 on LIVING

What makes for a truly memorable party? LIVING continues to look at what makes some parties go off like a rocket and others not take off at all in its new series, Party Wars. An expansion of the channel’s smash hit Four Weddings concept, it sets four hosts against each other in a battle to throw the best bash. All the contestants attend each others’ parties and rate their hosting, mates and overall experience. The winner gets an all-expenses-paid dream holiday for four. Adding an extra twist this week, a surprise celebrity host joins the fray, playing to win cash for charity.

Frequent celebrity girlfriend and plastic surgery addict Alicia Duvall is throwing a birthday beach party, while cage fighter Jake is planning to throw a knockout twenty-first birthday bash, complete with plenty of “fighters and fit birds”. Posh Caroline is celebrating her sixtieth birthday with a mystery tour and girls’ lunch. Performing arts student Robbie has very different tastes, however, and is throwing a Lady Gaga-themed do.

Things get off to a great start when all the other hosts fail to recognise Alicia, while the surly celebrity host boycotts Jake’s go-karting. The other hosts have fun at Jake’s activity-filled bash, but Caroline’s barge trip and girly lunch does not exactly win raves from the lads. Robbie asks the other hosts to “go Gaga” for his Dublin knees up, which Alicia interprets by wearing a towel. Finally, Alicia promises a star-studded guest list, but can she deliver? A front row seat for all four parties provides answers for viewers this week only on LIVING.

10:00pm Monday, November 1 on LIVING

Find out what makes a party go off with a bang or die a slow death as Party Wars continues on LIVING this week. Following the smash ratings for must-watch series Four Weddings, LIVING has expanded its hit concept by pitting four hosts against each other in a battle to throw the mother of all parties. They all attend each others’ parties – providing plenty of the format’s addictive back-stabbing, bitching and questionable taste – and then score their rivals’ hosting, mates and the night as a whole. The winner jets off on a glitzy holiday with three friends.

This week features the battle of the twenty-first birthday parties. Linda is a self-styled London diva and is opting for a Barbie bling theme. Property developer Danny from Barnet plans to blow �10,000 on his Chelsea playboys bash. Outrageous Glaswegian Hazel is cannier with her cash and has booked her party into a curry house with a �20 all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal. She intends it to be a night to try and remember. Finally, Lydia from Brighton plans a chilled retro tea party in a park, but with cocktails in the teapots for some civilised hard drinking.

Lydia’s tea party is a bit too arty for her fellow hosts. They are more impressed with the blingtastic stretch Humvee that Linda has hired, but less so when it takes them to a club so exclusive it won’t let them in. Hazel leads a successful drunken rampage in central Glasgow, but has to do a lot of translating. Back in London, Danny’s �10,000 party ends in financial meltdown when his card is declined. With four wildly different parties and four very different competitors, it is a hard one to call this week on LIVING. Who will be the host with most?

10:00pm Monday, October 18 on LIVING

Following the smash ratings for must-watch series Four Weddings, LIVING expands its hit concept with brand new guilty pleasure Party Wars this week. Rather than a battle of the brides, Party Wars pits four hosts against each other in a battle to throw the best bash. They all attend each others’ parties – providing plenty of the back-stabbing, bitching and questionable taste that fans of the format adore – and then score their rivals’ hosting, mates and the night as a whole. The winning reveller jets off on an all-expenses-paid holiday with three friends.

Kicking off the series in style, X-Factor finalist Stacey Solomon surprises the other contestants by playing the charity card in this week’s celeb-studded season opener. Essex girl Stacey splurges �10,000 on a winter wonderland themed benefit party. Pole-dancing teacher Carlee plans a heaven-and-hell themed do. Meanwhile, cheerleader Aaron can do the splits, but can he wow his fellow hosts? To try, he is giving a Las Vegas style shindig on a budget. Finally, self-proclaimed ladies’ man Don Andre celebrates his roots with a Jamaican-style 21st birthday do.

At Stacey’s glamorous affair, Aaron can’t stop stalking celebrities, while Don Andre devotes his attention to the ladies. The judges then get into an American casino mood with Aaron’s fancy dress party. Don’s barbecue surprises the judges for the wrong reasons. They find that part of his party has been hijacked from a three-year-old and the rest is a gig where he is performing. And at Carlee’s party, Aaron proves she isn’t the only one with pole-dancing skills. These four hosts outdo themselves in outrageousness, but who will come out on top?

LIVING TV Group owned entertainment channel LIVING today announces an exciting debut reality series, Party Wars.

The series, due for peak-time transmission in their autumn schedule, promises to build on the smash ratings of its sister show Four Weddings which was LIVING’s break out hit of the year and the most talked about hit of 2009 achieving a peak viewing figure of 555,000. The pilot episode of Party Wars was screened in May 2010 and attracted a promising profile of 50% 16-34s.

Produced by ITV productions, this eight-part series will emulate the format of Four Weddings with each episode promising all the highs and lows, back stabbing and jaw dropping moments that Four Weddings fans are accustomed to – from the bitchy host to the embarrassing relative attending, no expense or good taste will be spared in this the latest format in guilty-pleasure TV.

In each episode viewers will have front row, unedited access to the parties of four contestants who agree to attend and judge each other’s party. The winner and their three friends will then be whisked away by helicopter to holiday of a lifetime.

But how do you measure a good party? And what happens when the inevitable culture, class and personality clashes happen. Well, LIVING invites you to find out and watch the best parties in the UK without having to leaving the comfort of your home to enjoy them.

Each party will be scrutinised and judged by three categories – Host with the Most, Rate My Mates and Night to Remember – with each category being marked out of 10 by each contestant, and with a final score out of 30. Five of the episodes will have an added twist to the format with a celebrity replacing one of the regular contestants.  Celebrities to feature include X-Factor finalist Stacey Solomon, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, glamour model Alicia Douvall, The Apprentice contestant and posh boy entrepreneur Raef Bjayou, and former Steps band member Ian H Watkins.

An impressive array of party themes will be covered in the series and our celebrities will be competing against contestants who have planned the most lavish and outlandish events, including a pole dancing heaven and hell party, a boozy Magaluf themed house party and a racy 1940s Burlesque Marilyn Monroe event.

LIVING TV Group’s Head of Commissioning Mark Sammon said: “After the phenomenal success of Four Weddings we wanted to explore other subjects which would fit in with the winning format. Parties were the obvious route to go down, as like weddings, everyone has an opinion on parties whether they’re a guest or watching from home.”

Executive Producer of Party Wars, Michael Kelpie added: “Four Weddings has been a tremendous success but a wedding is only one of the important events in our lives that we celebrate with a big party. On Party Wars, you’ll be hooked by the extraordinary, unique, imaginative and outrageous party hosts, as they attend and judge each other’s milestone parties. If you thought Four Weddings was good, hold on to your hat ‘cos Party Wars is a whole new game!”.

Party Wars is filmed in HD and produced by ITV Productions. Executive Producer is Michael Kelpie, Amy Walker is Series Producer. Party Wars was commissioned by Mark Sammon, Head of Commissioning for LIVING TV Group.

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