Peep Show

10:25pm Sunday, December 23 on C4

In the penultimate episode, Jeremy sparks up an old relationship with Mark’s sister and moves in with her and her five-year-old son. Mark, meanwhile, in an attempt to deal with a damp patch on his bedroom wall, launches a campaign to be elected chairman of the freehold committee of Apollo House. The final episode of the series airs tomorrow.

10:00pm Sunday, November 25 on C4

Channel 4’s longest-running, award-winning sitcom returns. The story picks up where it was left at the end of series seven when, on New Year’s Eve, Mark (David Mitchell) asked his girlfriend Dobby (Isy Suttie) to move in with him. It’s a month or so later, and Mark is still waiting for Jeremy to leave. In the meantime, Mark is becoming increasingly jealous of Gerrard (Jim Howick), his rival for Dobby’s affections. But because Gerrard is so sickly, Dobby constantly visits his flat to look after him, and Mark is beginning to worry that she’ll move in with his rival instead…

10:00pm Wednesday, December 29 on C4

Last in the current series. It’s New Year’s Eve, and Mark is depressed about Dobby, but Jeremy is determined that the ‘El Dude Brothers’ are going to enjoy the night of their lives.

9:00pm Friday, December 24 on C4

Peep Show Night celebrates the longest running originated comedy on Channel 4 kicking off with the behind-the-scenes documentary Peep Show & Tell . The programme features interviews with all the main cast, the writers and fans, and is packed with Peep Show moments that have already achieved the status of classics. Later, there’s a chance to see episode five of the new series. It’s Christmas Day and Mark has invited his parents over for lunch. He has planned everything in detail, but Jeremy has become over excited, and Dobby and Super Hans are unexpected guests. Two classic episodes will also follow later in the evening.

10:00pm Thursday, December 23 on E4

Another chance to see the first four episodes of series seven of Channel 4’s longest running, multi-award-winning sitcom Peep Show .

10:00pm Friday, December 17 on C4

The new series of Channel 4’s longest running, multi-award-winning sitcom continues. In the fourth episode, it’s the day of Mark’s baby’s christening and he arranges to pick up Jeremy, the baby’s godfather, from Zahra’s flat on his way to the church. But unfortunately the lads get locked in the hallway.

10:00pm Friday, December 3 on C4

Dobby, the object of Mark’s desires, is going out with Simon a graphic designer. Mark and Gerrard form the ‘Dobby Club’, devoted to winning her over. But who will ultimately triumph, Mark or Gerrard? Meanwhile Zahra’s boyfriend, Ben, who’s now back from hospital, offers Jeremy the ideal job as head of development for his music website. But things quickly go wrong when Jeremy signs up Super Hans’s band, ‘Man Feelings’.

10:00pm Friday, November 26 on C4

Channel 4’s longest running, multi-award-winning sitcom Peep Show returns for a seventh series, Starring David Mitchell (Mark) and Robert Webb (Jeremy). In the opening episode, Mark and Jeremy are at the hospital awaiting the birth of Mark’s baby. Sophie (Olivia Colman) is determined to have a natural birth and doesn’t want Mark to transfer any of his anxiety to the baby. Meanwhile, Jeremy is convinced he will never get over losing Elena, until he meets Zahra (Camilla Beeput), whose boyfriend is in a coma.

Sunday, December 27 on E4

Another chance to see the sixth series of Peep Show in these back-to-back episodes. An increasing air of desperation surrounds Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) as they determine to enjoy their final days of freedom in credit crunch Croydon before Sophie’s (Olivia Colman) baby arrives.

Saturday, December 26 on E4

Another chance to see Peep Show series five in these back-to-back episodes. Mark (David Mitchell) rediscovers single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie, and he and Jeremy (Robert Webb) become victims of crime.

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