Pelican Attack!

I’m so relentlessly gloomy that I thought I’d give you one of those titterworthy ‘…and finally’ type stories. Like all good ‘…and finally’ stories, this involves an amusing animal.

Yep, Steve Jacobs of Channel Nine’s Today Show found himself screaming like a child after a pelican repeatedly bit him on the arse while the cameras were rolling.

Jacobs was describing the hpelicans at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo shortly before doing his weather report earlier this month… then, a pelican called Marnie decided to lung at him.

Jacobs managed to keep broadcasting… that is until our Marnie decided to attack him again.

“Let me go,” Jacobs cried out before a zookeeper pulled the bird away, leaving our presenter cracking up into hysterical giggles.

He then joked that he would be “mentally scarred” by the incident.

Anyway, if you’d like to see the incident, watch the video below. Personally, I’d like to see more of this sort of thing on our televisions sets.

The weather report is the most dreary bit of the listings so it’d be good to liven them up with some wild animals.

Imagine if Michael Fish had to give a weather report whilst being savaged by a ravenous lion! Imagine Rob McElwee being jumped on by a team of randy bullocks whilst someone lobbed wasp nests at him, leaving him screaming for his life between talking about ‘cold snaps’ through resigned tears.

Make it happen TV people.

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