Peter Andre: Here 2 Help

Thursday, 18 August 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Peter Andre and his team are Here 2 Help in Thame, Oxfordshire. They’ve gone to help the local Carnival Committee who have applied to Here 2 Help as they need Peter to help turn around the annual Carnival which has been a disaster over recent years. With last years’ attendance almost non-existent and just two floats in the parade, they’re hoping Peter and Team Andre can help revitalise the carnival, get the community involved, raise money for charity and bring the feeling of Rio de Janeiro to the sleepy town of Thame.

Peter’s first step is to door step the local council and get himself and Team Andre on the carnival committee. He decides the first thing the Carnival needs is promotion and hits the streets to spread the word.  From then it’s all guns blazing and Peter’s striking deals left right and centre to ensure the whole town turns out and to up the number of floats. Peter also promises to put on a Team Andre float, but striking a deal for a 44-foot truck is no mean feat. Peter has also promised he can get the mardi gras feel to come to Thame and does a deal with a local Samba band.  The committee and team Andre pounce on local shops to get prizes for a raffle, they’re aim to raise as much money for local charities as they can.  Peter also visits a charity, Thomley Hall, an activity centre for disabled children, and gets an insight into just how important it is for the Carnival to be a success and raise money. 

Peter also drops in on local Thame resident Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who’s impressed that Peter and his team are willing to take on such a challenge in such a small space of time. Peter meets the local Town Crier and gets an old fashioned lesson in how to spread the news, but Peter’s presence in such a small town hasn’t gone unnoticed and soon the town is waking up. Peter and Team Andre visit a local Costume hire shop where decisions about a theme for their float start, much to the amusement of Nicola who arrives late to see the boys in some crazy outfits.  It’s not so much of a Mardi Gras theme they end up with for the Team Andre float, more a psychedelic Saturday Night Fever. Peter visits a local school to hold an assembly for 1,000 pupils, his aim is to make sure that on Carnival day they line the streets come rain or shine.  It’s clear they’re pleased to see him and he can hardly hear himself speak for the cheers. 

The carnival starts and people have turned out in their thousands, a carnival which only last year saw two floats and a couple of hundred people is turned into a Carnival the town won’t forget with over 20 floats and a turnout of nearly 10,000.

Thursday, 4 August 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Peter Andre and his team are Here 2 Help in Hailsham, East Sussex. They’re answering an SOS call from two young men, Chris and Terry who desperately need help with their animal rescue centre, Happy Endings. This centre promises to never put an animal down if it can be saved and re-homed. Setting up the sanctuary has meant they haven’t had a holiday, new clothes or been on a date with each other in over five years, as all their free time is given to the animals. They’re hoping Peter and Team Andre can help them recruit volunteers, re-home animals and increase the profile of the centre. 

Peter’s first mission is to get Chris some time off from his full time job at a car service centre and to make sure that happens he strikes a deal with Chris’ boss to service a car. After deciding on holding an Open Day at the centre to spread the word about this amazing yet unknown charity, he ambushes local radio station, Heart FM. He manages to get through the door and the deal is on! Peter can promote Happy Endings Open Day if they can have some fun with him live on air!! 

Peter is determined to make sure Chris and Terry have their first night off in over five years. He arranges a night away at a five-star hotel in Brighton. Not satisfied with that, Peter wants them to travel to the coast in style. He rocks up at a luxury car hire company in the hope of blagging them a magnificent motor. The deal is Terry and Chris get the car and a chauffeur, if Peter valets a hummer. 

Team Andre also get to work making over the rabbit hutch, cleaning out the animals and they hatch a plan with the chickens. The final event, the Open Day, is a great success, the centre signs up lots of potential new volunteers, find lots of possible new homes for their animals and raise more funds than they expected. They’ve never done anything like this before and as Chris and Terry reflect back on the four days, Peter and the team have spent with them they are moved to tears and know life at the centre is only going to get better for them and the animals. As Peter says when he leaves, “It’s not an ending, it’s a beginning.” 

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