Peter Andre: The Next Chapter

Thursday, 16 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Peter Andre’s footloose and fancy free after recently breaking up on good terms with Elen Rivas. He’s embracing being a bachelor and looks forward to “just being a guy” this year. 

Peter’s schedule gets manic with the development of a range of children’s books and a wave of promotion for his reality TV series which sees him face some tough questions from the media. 

However, the stand out press article that Peter does is an interview with a magazine, his first exclusive since splitting with Elen. The headline is “No More Mr Nice Guy”; accompanied by raunchy photoshoot! 

The busy schedule is broken up by an Easter Break in Cyprus with Princess, Junior and Harvey. 

Peter gives us an insight into their unique father and son relationship during the break and continues to do his best to give the kids a trip to remember, despite the weather not quite playing ball. 

There’s plenty of family fun in the sun as the Andre’s also delve into their Greek heritage. Peter immerses the kids in a variety of cultural delights on the trip; while explaining why introducing Princess and Junior to their Greek roots is so important.

Thursday, 9 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

After holidaying in Corcheval, Peter returns home and is as busy as ever as he and Mike have offered to cook for a homeless shelter in North London. 

Peter get’s to know the hostel’s residents and volunteers, and it’s a humbling evening for our star … one he’ll never forget.

Peter’s brother Mike is DJ’ing at a nightclub in Essex so Peter goes to show some brotherly support. However, a few drinks later, he decides to call it a night as he’s on Dad duty the next day and has decided to take Princess, Junior and Harvey to the zoo. 

The kids train to be zookeepers, get to feed some rather cute baby goats, and come face to face with a red-legged tarantula.

Peter prepares to perform his latest single, ‘A Perfect Night’ at the Children’s Champions Awards so calls in his musician pals to practice.

On the day of the awards he has lunch with the prime minster, hosts the red carpet and performs live to a star studded audience for the first time this year.

However, it’s not all plain sailing as Peter’s relationship with Elen Rivas hits the headlines. As tabloid speculation grows ever stronger Peter decides to reveal all in a frank and heartfelt interview explaining the truth behind the romance and why their relationship came to a natural end. 

Princess helps dad wash the car whilst Peter decides to seize the opportunity to outline a few future rules about men and sports cars…but it falls on deaf ears, much to Princess’s amusement. And Peter’s the proud Dad as Junior writes his name in Greek for the very first time. 

New friend Elen comes to visit and witnesses Peter accidentally drawing on his grand piano in permanent marker pen during a piano lesson and the new bachelor boy splashes out on a garden hot tub to complete his garden makeover.

Thursday, 26 May 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

After returning from a holiday in Dubai, Peter takes the gang on an alpine adventure to Courchevel in France. Junior and Princess are naturals at skiing, whilst dad finds it a little harder to find his feet. The Andre clan have one of the most memorable holidays ever as they enjoy snowmobiling, sledging and fantastic après ski. 

After experiencing a few problems with the tyres on his Bentley, Peter decides to take it back to the dealership to replace the wheels. But as soon as he enters the gleaming show room, Peter has other ideas as he shops around for an upgrade. After test-driving a new Ferrari supercar, he decides to treat himself to an expensive belated birthday present. 

After losing his phone on the slopes, Peter finds himself in trouble with his girlfriend Elen, after not being able to contact her for days. 

Peter also attends another television awards ceremony where he is nominated as Satellite TV Personality Of The Year, practices some vocals in his studio and pays a visit to friend Kerry Katona’s house. 

Thursday, 22 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2

The seventh episode of the series sees Peter settling into his new home, getting emotional on a book tour and throwing a birthday party for his children.

There are poignant scenes as Peter visits his old home in Brighton for the last time, but he tells the programme he is happy to be moving on. His mood soon lightens when the adventure play area starts taking shape in his new garden and Princess and Junior invite some of their new neighbours around to play in it with them.

The programme also follows Peter on his last day doing a TV presenting job. He learns a new fitness craze called Acroyoga and chats to Big Brother winners.

The next day he starts the tour to promote his new picture book and it kicks off with an appearance on This Morning where Peter discusses his ten year battle with panic attacks. He then moves on to meet hundreds of fans and Molly Meldrum, the Australian producer who discovered him over 20 years ago.

Also in the show, Peter is awarded Dad of the Year and he throws his children a birthday party at his new house.

Thursday, 15 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


The sixth episode of Peter Andre: The Next Chapter sees Peter moving house and presenting a TV show.

Things are hectic for the singer as he tries to juggle his busy work schedule with moving house and when the big day arrives he is shattered after staying up all night packing. He then faces another problem when he realises the removal men have been so efficient that he had no clothes left to put on.

Eventually all his belongings are in the new house and Peter and the children settle down to their first night in the new place with a takeaway pizza.

Also in the programme, Peter is quizzed by a journalist about the rumours he is writing a love song with Robin Gibb for Kim Kardashian and he attends a signing for his new men’s fragrance Conditional, the sister scent to his women’s fragrance Unconditional.

There’s excitement in the air as he records The 5 O’clock Show, which is the first big series he’s been asked to present, and he has a Father’s Day photo shoot with a camping theme.

Thursday, 24 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


The third episode of the series sees Peter and his children get an extra long luxury holiday in Dubai after volcanic ash grounds their flight home.

The programme sees Peter, Junior and Princess flicking through the holiday brochure as they prepare for their trip of a lifetime, with Junior announcing that he doesn’t want daddy to get eaten by the sharks at their resort.

As they settle into their first class seats on the plane, Peter tells the children how lucky they are and, when they arrive at their hotel, Peter is blown away by the size of the room and the two butlers and chef it comes with.

The next day the family head down to the beach to build sandcastles, but not before Princess and Junior have had their breakfast served to them by the butlers, much to Peter’s amusement.

Later, Peter has his reservations when he goes for a massage with a male masseuse, but is soon won over and relaxed.

Next on the trip, Peter and his brother Chris, who is visiting from Australia, go snorkelling with sting rays and sharks in the hotel aquarium before taking the children to feed the sting rays.

As the holiday draws to a close the family discover they are not going to be able to fly home when they thought they were because of a volcanic ash cloud which has grounded their flight. Peter’s manager looks into alternative options for the group, including chartering a boat or a private jet, while Peter and the children make the most of their extra time on holiday by heading off on a dune safari.

Eventually airspace re-opens and Peter and his family are able to get a flight back to England the next day as they reflect on their brilliant holiday.

Thursday, 17 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


In the second episode of his new series, we follow Peter as he goes out on tour for the first time in 6 years. Following the success of his platinum selling album “Revelations”, he’s embarking on a 38-date UK Tour and every venue is sold out.

Peter heads to Ipswich and reveals the full “Revelations” stage show for the first time. After gargling on some ginger to keep his voice in tiptop condition, the gig goes down a storm and next day they head to Leicester. Peter’s just about to go on stage when he receives some bad news. A girl he was briefly involved with after his divorce has decided to sell her story to the papers ��” but the show must go on.

Back in London and Peter prepares for his what he see’s as his ‘most important gig’ of the tour as he will be performing to friends, VIPs, Press and most importantly Junior and Princess. During the sound check, son Junior decides to show off some his own moves. The next day Pete has an appointment with a tattoo removal specialist. He has decided to get his wedding tattoo removed and undergoes his first session of (very painful!) laser treatment. Then he heads home to spend some quality time with his kids.

Next he’s off to Louis Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum to get measured up for his own waxwork model. This is a dream come true for him, until he discovers he’s shorter than he’d always thought! A few days later he’s back in Brighton for a show in his hometown.

The tour crew all fly to Jersey for Pete’s 38th and last show. Peter’s older brother Chris has flown in from Australia to play guitar for the last few shows and just before show, they reminisce on a promise they made two years ago.


Peter Andre

Peter Andre’s second season of The Next Chapter aired last night and with it, audiences saw his immediate reaction to the news that his ex-wife Katie Price’s had wed Alex Reid in a quickie marriage in Las Vegas.

Filmed back in February, Andre called the marriage “a joke.”  Straight after it aired, Andre took to his Twitter page to apologise for his heated reaction, “The only thing I regret in that show was my reaction to the marriage. I was just a bit confused. Sorry that I said it was a joke.”

Andre recently shared in ITV’s This Morning that he is keen to reflect on the “great times” that he and Katie shared rather than anything else that has happened since.

The singer also showed at his book signing that the ‘Katie’ tattoo on his wedding finger had been lasered off with only a faint mark being visible.

What do you think – should Pete have apologised or was he right to object (as father of Price’s two children)?

Thursday, 10 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


Peter Andre returns to our screens for the first episode of his new series. It’s been a rollercoaster year for Peter, and when we last saw him he was getting himself back on his feet and celebrating the success of his platinum selling album “Revelations”. Off the back of this success, this series sees Peter preparing to go back on the road for his first major tour in six years.

Spending the day with his children, Peter also attempts to squeeze in a little bit of work too. He’s being interviewed for his new picture book which is due to come out later in the year, but as much as Peter tries to settle the children down, it’s clearly the kids that rule the Andre household.

With his tour looming, Peter has to embark on rigorous dance rehearsals, it’s tough for Peter who hasn’t moved like this for a long time, but he’s buzzing from the challenge.

Peter’s excited to be heading back into the studio to film a pop video to promote his new album ‘Lovesongs’ and his brother Mike explains how he hopes 2010 will be a better year for them. Princess arrives at the shoot and Peter is delighted to see her. With the video in the can, Peter heads off on a nationwide signing tour to promote the album. His first stop is Coventry and Peter is bowled over by the love and support he receives. The next day, he does a lunchtime signing in Cambridge followed by a night time signing in Essex, where everyone seems to be agreement ��” Pete is “amazing!” Peter is buzzing from the direct contact with his fans and in a great mood, but late that night news comes in from Vegas that his ex-wife has remarried.

The next day, which had been booked in for weeks, is Peter’s big promotional tour around the Radio and TV station to promote his new album. It starts at Radio 1 with the Chris Moyles show, but although Peter is there to talk about his new album, everyone wants a reaction to the Vegas story. And it continues throughout the day, at almost every interview Peter conducts, there is only one question on everyone’s lips. Peter’s final interview is at Sky News, but after some very harsh questioning about the future of his kids, an emotional Peter finally cracks and asks for the interview to stop. We hear the reaction from all of Peter’s team, who are upset for him and feel that some of those questions shouldn’t have been asked. Finally, the next day, we hear Peter’s side and he defends his reaction although at the same time understands why he was asked those questions.

He heads to home town of Brighton where he gets massive support from the locals and is humbled by a fan called Kat whose own problems put everything into perspective for Peter.

The show follows Peter as prepares for the first night of his tour. Spanning across the final week, Peter is rushing here and there, squeezing in final rehearsals whilst also trying to sign off tour merchandising. Everyone is nervous for him but for Peter, it’s like being home again and despite some small technical problems he’s delighted with the performance. Everyone congratulates Mr Andre and Peter admits that being on stage makes him feel young again.

Thursday, 8 October 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Peter Andre is back with a brand new series and ITV2 has been given exclusive access into the lives of one of TV’s most talked about stars in Peter Andre: The Next Chapter.

This week we see Peter on cloud nine as he signs his long awaited record contract! His kids join him on his photo shoot for his new album ‘Revelation’ but the singer is soon brought back down to earth with a thud as he hears news that his estranged wife has been on morning television.

With ‘Team Andre’ growing week by week, Peter continues his publicity tour for his new album. First stop sees the singer meeting up with old pals from Heart FM who lighten his mood. He then heads off for an interview with a Sunday magazine, the first ever since the split, but he’s still unwilling to spill the beans and just wants to concentrate on talking about his single.

Peter then gets the chance to tell the world that he won’t be messed with when he reads a statement outside the High Court. A victory for Pete as a Sunday paper earlier on in the year printed untrue stories about him having an affair whilst married to Kate.

With a pause in his publicity trail, Peter makes the most of his time off with the kids and decided to them strawberry picking. Junior has other rich pickings on his mind though and instead of strawberries he brings home a new friend, Billy the snail.

That evening, whilst rehearsing for a gig, Pete’s marital disputes are shaken up and he and brother Mike reach the end of their tethers.

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