Peter Andre

Silly ol’ Peter Andre. The walking pec factory has bitten off more than he can chew.

Yep, he’s conducting his private business in public, mainly because, the woman he met on a reality TV show does the same.

Yessir, pouting permatan hate-glo Katie Price likes just about every aspect of her life to make it on to some kind of film or page. We’ve seen her wedding… we’ve even seen her doing the dirty sex with a toe up her. The only thing unticked is seeing her curling one out in the pan.

However, the boob peddler is used to this kind of thing and is physically unable to show expressions on her ice-cold surgery sculted chops. The chance of her weeping on television is about as remote as her being able to give a convincing smile.

And so, in a desperate lunge to keep in the public eye as much as her, Peter Andre is wafting his soiled undercrackers in the open for all to see, plying the ‘I’m a nice bloke really’ line.

In fairness to him, he does seem reasonably sweet underneath all that desperate celebrity.

However, he’s now being bitten on the arse by the media he is trying to wriggle through, as shown in his recent appearance on Sky News in which stone-hearted news garbler, Kay Burley, did her mostest to make him cry or erupt with anger. Let’s be honest, it was always going to be the former wasn’t it?

And so, let’s all gather round like grief gannets and watch as Peter Andre comes within a whisker of having a nervous breakdown on TV.

Word to the wise Mr Andre… knock on the head for a bit. You’re too sweet to be a proper celebrity. That’s not a bad thing.

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