Pineapple Dance Studios

From the makers of Pineapple Dance Studios comes a brand new genre of television – a documentary/comedy hybrid which tackles the wonderful world of man’s best friend, from the dogs themselves to the humans who are mad for mutts. Celia Taylor, Head of Factual and Features, has greenlit the 8 x 60” series for transmission on Sky 1 HD and Sky 1 this autumn.

The brains behind Sky 1 HD’s runaway success of 2010 are turning their attention from prima donnas to prima pooches.

The brand new observational documentary series is set to feature everything from dog grooming salons to dog day care centres, dog whisperers to dog agility competitions where cameras will follow both the people who work there and those who bring their dogs in.

Viewers will get to know the salon owners, the canine couturiers and the owners – but the stars of this show will be the dogs themselves for one simple reason: All the dogs will talk to each other.

Scripted and voiced by up-and-coming comedians, the dogs’ personalities will be set against that of their owners’ and will include characters such as the Russian billionaire’s ‘mafia’ Blood Hound, a city-boy’s posh Cocker Spaniel, a builder’s camp Pit Bull and a therapist’s neurotic Poodle.

Celia Taylor, Commissioning Editor, Factual and Features, Sky 1 HD, Sky1, 2 and 3 commented: ““As a nation of dog obsessives this series will be a funny, woof-tastic treat for us all. It’s exciting and brilliant to keep pushing the boundaries of observational documentary making for Sky 1 HD and I hope that people love it as much as they did Pineapple Dance Studios.”

Jonathan Stadlen, Creative Director, Pulse, says: “Mixing the conventions of straight ob‐doc with ‘ob‐dog’ comedy, this is Best In Show meets Look Who’s Talking with the stylistic sensibility of Pineapple Dance Studios. We’re delighted that Sky1 HD has given us the creative freedom to turn our attention from prima donnas to prima pooches.”

Dogumentary is executive produced for Pulse Films by Jonathan Stadlen, Series Directed by Hannah Springham and Series Produced by Tamsin Dodgson. It was commissioned by Celia Taylor for Sky1 HD and Sky1.


Sky1 has confirmed they are giving Pineapple Dance Studios the chop.

The docusoap will not return for a second season despite the show performing well this year in its inaugural season.

It had previously been claimed by star Louie Spence that the show was to return again but the network has officially announced the show will not be back.

The reasons behind the axing have been kept under wraps but word is the network was having  a disagreement with studio owner Debbie Moore.

Spence, whoever, has been signed by Sky1 in an exclusive deal in order to work on other projects.

“He’s warm, talented, honest and is a brilliant laugh. He’s just the type of person we want to be working with.” she said of the dancer.

Source: Digital Spy

Reaching a total audience of over nine million viewers, Sky1 HD’s PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS had everyone from Kylie Minogue to Chris Moyles; Simon Cowell to Kate Moss talking, quickly establishing itself as the cult television hit of the year.

Sky1 HD have signed up the man at the centre of it all, dance expert Louie Spence, for a multi-channel exclusive deal, which promises to have Louie bring even more wildly camp antics to the channel.

Celia Taylor, Head of Factual, Sky1 HD, said: “Louie Spence is a phenomenon. He’s warm, talented, honest and is a brilliant laugh. He’s just the type of person we want to be working with.

PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS was a very big success for us, in no small part due to Mr Spence, his bendy legs and his ability to send up anyone who takes themselves too seriously. We’re really thrilled Louie is making Sky 1 HD his home.”

PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS started in February 2010 and earned Artistic Director Louie Spence a recurring guest spot on Harry Hill’s TV Burp, countless tabloid and magazine inches, a spot on Jonathan Ross’s sofa and even an appearance on This Week.

The series’ cumulative audience totalled over a million each week, reaching nine million viewers in all, making it one of Sky1 HD’s biggest hits. It also established a new breed of documentary making, mixing reality and fiction with the blend of every day goings on and heavily choreographed ‘break out’ dance routines.

Sky1 HD will be announcing details of Louie’s forthcoming projects shortly.


Louis Spence

The hit TV show which projected star Louie Spence into the public eye and begged him famous celebrity friends including model Kate Moss, has been axed.
Pineapple Dance Studios is set in the famous dance studio and was loved by fans for its wacky fly on the wall stance.  The programme was unable to get a second series due to studio owner Debbie Moore being unable to negotiate terms with Sky.
Fans of Louie needed worry though as he has bagged himself a very nice £200,000 deal making more programmes for the channel.  The first of them will be called Louie Spence’s Showbusiness and will follow him as he sets up a rival dance studio nearby to where the Pineapple studios are in Covent Garden.
The programme will see Louie travelling up and down the country looking for new talent and training them at his studio with the intent for them to appear in a West End show.
Speaking about the end of the show, Louie said he will always be a part of the Pineapple “family” and that “It’s like my home. I’ve been away before working in America so I’m not cutting my ties there. I’ll always be artistic director of Pineapple.”
Various other staff from the Pineapple show and wannabe singer Andrew Stone are leaving the Pineappple studio to join him.

A second season of cult SKY1 show Pineapple Dance Studios is a real possibility according to cast member Andrew Stone.

The documentary series which surveys the famous London dance studio is close to a return says the pop singer and dancer.

“It’s not 100%. But the commissioner has said that they want to do it and it’s just a matter of sorting out logistics.

“There will be a second season of Pineapple I believe, but it’s not quite all signed and sorted yet. There will be a media frenzy if there is another one.”

Stone claims he regularly gets stopped on the street by fans calling him a “legend”.

Stone continued: “I always knew that the show would be a success because the people at Pulse told me it would be. But I didn’t have any clue, quite how big it would be. During the edit, they were all telling me that it would be a BAFTA-winning show and that I would be a star. I didn’t believe it, because I don’t know TV.

“But I’m just amazed at how big it’s got. The series is snowballing and with the second series it is going to go mental!”

The show airs on Sundays at 6pm on Sky1.

Source: Digital Spy

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