Monday 9th –Friday 13th March at 8:50am on five

Continuing on Five this week is the observational documentary series following children at play. Filmed throughout the October half-term holiday, the educational show focuses on the children of the Beehives playgroup on North Sands Beach in Salcombe, Devon. Among the preschoolers regularly featured are Ellie, Ben, Archie and Lockie.

In Monday’s instalment, all the children have great fun making big pictures and sandcastles on the beach. As they fill up their moat with water, Archie and Ben have a disagreement over a bucket!

Tuesday’s episode sees Ben and his friends play on the rocks, while the rest of the children have fun on the sand with balls of all shapes and sizes.

On Wednesday , it is a rainy day on North Sands Beach, but this does not stop everybody from enjoying themselves. Joshua has fun getting soaking wet, but poor old Ellie takes a tumble. Time for some restorative ice cream in the Winking Prawn café!

It is sandcastle-building time again on Thursday , but the girls struggle because of the wet sand. Lockie and Archie find the solution by deciding not to use their buckets. Later, everyone takes a trip on the local ferryboat.

Friday’s programme finds the children collecting shells on the beach –with some interesting results. The kids then turn their attention to catching crabs –a task that proves far more difficult than it sounds!

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