Returning to Five this week is the observational documentary series following children at play. Filmed throughout the October half-term holiday, the educational show focuses on the children of the Beehives playgroup on North Sands Beach in Salcombe, Devon. Among the preschoolers regularly featured are Ellie, Ben, Archie and Lockie.

In Monday’s instalment, the cameras travel to North Sands Beach for the first time. Ben and his friends are enjoying splashing in the water, while Ellie decides to make a house on the rocks.

On Tuesday, it is a cold and windy day on the beach, but that does not stop Luke and his friends from having fun by the water’s edge. As he splashes in the waves, Luke trips up and his boots are filled with water! Time to get warm in the beachside café, the Winking Prawn.

Wednesday’s episode finds Ellie building a castle on the rocks – until Ben decides to knock it down… Whisky the dog joins the kids for a frolic in the sand.

In Thursday’s show, Archie has great fun flying his kite, but Dominic struggles to get his in the air! Meanwhile, Ellie hits the deck while playing with her windmill.

Friday’s programme sees everybody play ‘hide the spade’ – but Ellie does not quite understand the rules! Archie enjoys playing on his boat with his big brother Jacob.


This innovative new observational series follows different groups of children at play. The show focuses on preschoolers at a playground in Brighton, youngsters on a campsite in Cumbria and street children playing games in India.

In Brighton, a group of children from Blueberry Nursery enjoy fun and games at the Pirates Playground. At Fisherground Farm Campsite in Cumbria, a group of young children go camping with their families for the very first time. And in India, street children with little in the way of toys use their vivid imaginations to devise new games.

In the first episode on Monday, the children of Blueberry Nursery in Brighton visit the Pirates Playground. Even though it is a cold day, most of the children go for a swim. Charlie has a bit of an accident and when lunchtime arrives, the kids play the ‘copying game’.

Tuesday’s show follows the action at the Fisherground Farm Campsite in Cumbria, where sisters Olivia and Helena make paper boats and sail them in the river next to their tent. Elsewhere, brothers Daniel, Ethan and Liam have fun playing monsters as their dad sets up their tent.

Wednesday’s instalment switches to southern India, where a group of children living in the same street race bicycle tyres. Neeraj, the youngest child, is desperate to have a go, but no one will give him a turn. Finally he seizes his chance and discovers the delights of tyre racing!

In Thursday’s programme, the kids in Brighton hold a sandcastle-building competition. Moats are dug and filled with water from the paddling pool. Elsewhere, Stanley and Charlie play a game called ‘Crocodile’.

And in Friday’s episode, the kids in Cumbria play hide and seek in the woods, while Alyssa, Ethan, Daniel, Liam and Luke take their nets and go fishing. Fun and games ensue when they have to venture across some stepping stones to get to the best spot.

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