Pramface Mansion

BBC Three is tackling the issue of single motherhood head-on with its ambitious new series, Pramface Mansion.

From the makers of the very successful Baby Borrowers series, Pramface Mansion is a radical experiment that will see ten single mothers and their children living together for over a month.

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Three, says: “Pramface Mansion is a bold way of looking at a growing question for young people – are there different ways in which people could live together as alternatives to the nuclear family? It’s an intriguing experiment and I’m looking forward to having it on the channel.”

Britain has one of the highest proportions of single parent families in the EU¹ and their rate of employment is one of the lowest². Half of all co-habiting couples who have children split up by the time the child is five³ and half of all children living with a lone parent are poor.

With many single mums saying they feel isolated and lacking in the confidence to turn their lives around this is a problem that the Government continues to grapple with.

Anna Beattie, Executive Producer at Love Productions, says: “Many single mothers say they struggle to cope on their own and need help. Pramface Mansion is a totally new approach to this massive issue that will give ten mothers the opportunity to support and help each other. Perhaps it might even provide a model for the future.”

This bold new series from Love Productions offers single mothers an alternative way of life. Living together in a mansion the women will be totally reliant on each other to improve their lives.

Can they build up a community that will provide the support and encouragement they need to make positive changes in their lives, be this entering or re-entering the job market, sorting out their relationship with their ex or starting to date again?

In the United States, something similar has been happening. Single mothers have chosen to live together with their children in order to support each other. The idea is that they lighten their load by helping each other out and pooling resources as well as providing an understanding ear.

Pramface Mansion will be on a far bigger scale as it invites a group of ten single mums to live together. The ambition is that the women forge friendships that may have a long term impact on their lives and even create the potential for future co-habitation.

“Pramface” is a stereotype which the series aims to subvert. Pramface Mansion seeks to challenge pre-conceptions about single parent families as well as explode some of the myths about the supposed ideal of the nuclear family.

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