Prison Break

The doors are locked on Prison Break for the last time as the fourth and final season of the smash hit, action packed drama comes to a close with a thrilling, heart-wrenching double bill finale on Tuesday 19th May at 10pm. Featuring special guest appearances from past favourites last seen in season two, the finale will draw to a close the long fought battle for freedom by fugitive brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and end with scenes four years in the future revealing the death of a major character. But fans only have one week to wait to see what happened in that time with a special two hour episode Prison Break: The Final Break the following week, on Wednesday 27th May at 10pm, exclusive to Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

Since first breaking out of Fox River prison, Michael and Lincoln have travelled across America on the run, been holed up in Panama in the rancid Sona prison, and attempted to break in to a maximum security company in LA. Dodging bullets and bombs along the way, the brothers have had to battle with their brains and brawn to stay alive and clear their names once and for all. Accompanying them for much of these adventures have been Michael’s true love Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), ex FBI agent, turned convict Mahone (William Fichtner), well meaning con Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) and conflicted killer Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell (Robert Knepper).

Losing friends and family along the way, the brothers must now confront their own mother in their battle to be free. As Michael works on a plot to put Scylla in the safe hands of the UN, helped by two old faces from the past, Lincoln is seriously hurt in an explosion, and Sara continues to hide her pregnancy. As the story draws to its dramatic conclusion we move forward four years to see how their lives has moved on, and it is revealed a major character has died…

Revealing what has happened during that time is Prison Break: The Final Break, a two hour special.  In it we learn Sara has been jailed for murder. Wanting to make an example of her, the government has sent her to a women’s prison and she faces 25 years to life. Heavily pregnant and fearful for her life, Sara must survive by making an alliance with an old enemy… but she’s a marked woman and various attempts on her life lead Michael to take drastic action.

Prison Break Season Finale, Tuesday 19th May at 10pm, Sky1 and Sky1 HD

Prison Break: The Final Break, Wednesday 27th May at 10pm, Sky1 and Sky1 HD

A sneak preview of the hit TV series Prison Break has been released and you can watch the first 17 minutes of the third series right here on Throng!

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prison break
sona (22/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama reaches the end of its second season tonight, as Michael tries to work out how to get Lincoln out of Mahone’s clutches; Sara is surprised by the outcome of her trial; Sucre puts his own life in danger as he searches for Maricruz; and things turn out very badly for T-Bag and Bellick.

“Are you gonna do the right thing?” asks Mahone as he lets Michael know what his options are: the brothers’ boat and Westmoreland’s cash in return for Lincoln’s release. “You’ve lost, Michael… and you’re going to lose a whole lot more.” Given that Mahone has a history of executing Fox River fugitives, Michael suspects that he may not hold uphis end of the bargain, and begins working on a plan B.

Back in Chicago, Sara has been stunned by the announcement that a new witness has come forward to testify at her trial. The witness is Kellerman, who begins to fill the court in on the details of how the Company orchestrated the entire conspiracy. And when he explains that the reason Sara jumped bail was because she was running from him and his orders to kill her, the court decides to drop all charges against her. As she is leaving, Sara gets some more astonishing news: Lincoln has also been exonerated. Unable to reach Michael to tell him the news, she decides to go to Panama and let him know in person. “He’s got to know that he doesn’t have to run anymore,” she realises. “What he’s doing right now is gonna get him killed.”

While Sara races against time to get to Michael and Lincoln, Sucre is continuing his desperate quest to find Maricruz. In hospital after being stabbed in the chest by T-Bag, he decides he cannot wait any longer and leaves, with the futile protests of his nurse echoing in his ears. After finding out where Bellick is being held for T-Bag’s latest homicide, Sucre begs Bellick to tell him where Maricruz is. But Bellick is less than forthcoming – he has his own problems to deal with… and they are only going to get worse.

Meanwhile, Michael is continuing to work on the problem of Mahone, and offers a local drug-runner a sizeable sum to help him out. He delivers the boat to Mahone, who informs him that he is not going to kill anybody – the Company now wants the brothers alive. Mahone then receives a call from Company man Agent Kim and gives his location, before calling the police and reporting that“a well-dressed Asian man has been shot by two Americans”. “You kill him and frame us?” asks Michael. “Why?” “So everyone will leave me alone,” replies Mahone, wearily. Alas, Kim has been expecting Mahone to double-cross him and has come prepared. One blaze of firearms later and Mahone has the boat, the brothers have kept the money, and Kim is left in the dust. But Mahone does not get very far before police stop him and find a stash of cocaine on the boat… thanks to Michael’s earlier preparations.

With Mahone out of the way, Michael and Lincoln prepare to leave on a second boat –which just happens to have a third passenger onboard in the form of one Sara Tancredi, who tells them the amazing news about Lincoln. “We did it,” says Michael to his brother. “We did it.” Unfortunately, Kim begs to differ, appearing out of nowhere with a loaded gun and the correction “No, you almost did it.” Is it all over for the brothers?

Also in this concluding episode, T-Bag is horrified to discover that he has been set up; Sara makes a fatal decision; Kellerman may have to pay the ultimate price for his actions; and the shadowy puppet-masters behind everything prepare to execute their latest, horrifying plan for Michael…

prison break
fin del camino (21/22)

Season Two of the acclaimed prison escape drama reaches its penultimate episode tonight, as Michael steps into a trap in his attempts to put T-Bag away, Sara awaits her fate, and Kellerman decides to take drastic action.

Lincoln is not pleased with Michael, who has had a last-minute change of heart after hearing from Sucre that T-Bag is in town. Reluctant to sail off to a life of freedom while T-Bag is still out there causing carnage, Michael follows the directions in Sucre’s message and heads to the Fin del Camino Hotel in Panama City to meet Sucre and catch T-Bag. When he spots T-Bag on the hotel balcony, Michael is unsettled to notice his quarry making eye contact with two mysterious heavies on the street. His suspicions that something is not right are confirmed when Sucre arrives but denies sending him a message – it is clear that this is some kind of set-up.

There is more trouble in the form of Bellick, who has come to Panama City in the hopes of getting the money from T-Bag, after blackmailing Sucre into helping him by threatening to hurt Maricruz. Bellick is not pleased when Michael informs him that the apparent set-up means they will have to come up with a plan B if they are all to get what they want, and orders him to get his “little college-boy brain” to work.

The trio put their new plan into action by setting off the fire alarm and flushing T-Bag out of the hotel. Following him to an address down an alley, they manage to get past the heavies at the door and make their way inside. Confronted by the gunwielding gang, T-Bag drops his weapon and tells them the money is in a side room – but when Sucre goes to investigate, he is horrified to find more of T-Bag’s handiwork: another murdered prostitute. And when the trio hear the wails of approaching sirens and watch T-Bag flee through the fire escape, they realise that they have walked straight into a trap.

Firing as he runs, T-Bag manages to fell Bellick with a shot to the thigh and smirks as his nemesis finds himself apprehended for the prostitute’s murder. While Sucre heads off to find a getaway car, Michael manages to catch T-Bag and quiz him about who is behind the trap. T-Bag tells him that he has some useful information, but he will only give it up if Michael lets him go. “Don’t let your pride get in the way, Pretty,” he breathes. “Locking me up ain’t gonna help your situation none.” Can Michael get what he needs without letting T-Bag go free?

Back in Chicago, Sara’s trial for her part in the Fox River escape is underway. Her chances are not looking good, as the only piece of evidence in her favour is Michael’s taped TV announcement stating that Sara is innocent. Without a credible witness to vouch for her, Sara is facing 12 years in a maximum-security facility… until the person she last expected to see steps forward with some information that could turn her fortunes around.

Also this week, Lincoln’s attempts to catch up with his brother are interrupted by an unwelcome encounter; a hollow-eyed Kellerman shocks his sister when he decides to take drastic action; and Michael is offered a stark choice by Mahone that could end everything…

prison break
panama (20/22)

With season two nearing its conclusion, tonight’s episode of the acclaimed prison escape drama sees the action moving to Panama. Sara is forced to make a huge sacrifice in order to enable Michael and Lincoln to get out of the States; C-Note is offered a way out; and Bellick and Sucre head south on T-Bag’s trail.

Despite the fact that he and Lincoln are standing on the freighter that is about to take them to safety in Panama, Michael is not as happy as he should be. His plan to get presidential pardons for himself and his brother has fallen through after the Commander in Chief’s shock decision to step down. He calls Sara to tell her that the pardons are non-existent and they are going to flee to Panama – and that there is room for one more in the cabin. Without hesitation, Sara tells him she will be there – but then realises that she is being followed by the FBI. Aware that if she continues to her destination she will lead the agents straight to Michael and Lincoln, Sara stops her car and surrenders. By the time Michael realises what has happened, it is too late – the ship is leaving… and the next stop is Panama.

Michael is devastated that Sara has been left behind, and remains impervious to Lincoln’s attempts to cheer him up. He is also plagued with guilt about the fact that so many people have been hurt or killed during this whole affair – many of them thanks to T-Bag’s liberation from Fox River. “Every life he takes – that’s blood on our hands,” he reminds Lincoln. “And for what?” Lincoln is frustrated at his brother’s attack of conscience, and the two brothers get into a rare fight. “We’ve lost so much, man,” sighs Lincoln as he finally puts an end to the scuffle. “We can’t afford to lose each other.”

Back in Chicago, Mahone’s already-fragile mental state is deteriorating further as he obsessively tries to work out Michael’s next move. He finally hits on something when he realises that Michael’s tattoos were labelled in order of execution, and that one stage of his plan remains –symbolised by a picture of Christ inside a rose above the number 617. Can Mahone work out what this cryptic message means before the brothers disappear forever?

Meanwhile, Bellick and Sucre are trying to get their hands on Westmoreland’s $5 million by tracking T-Bag down in Mexico. Unfortunately, he spots them approaching and gets away in a cab with the money. He arrives at a hotel, where he spends some of the cash on the services of a prostitute – but things soon turn nasty and T-Bag ends up adding one more victim to his not inconsiderable bodycount.

Elsewhere, C-Note discovers that his troubles may be over. It seems that word of Mahone’s deal with him – commit suicide or risk your family getting hurt – has reached the higher levels of the FBI. Internal affairs agent Sullens pays C-Note a visit and offers him a better deal: testify against Mahone and get a reduced sentence. Still wary that Mahone might find a way to harm Kacie and Dede, C-Note successfully holds out for witness protection and a clean slate – but can this deal really be as good as it sounds?

Also this week, Mahone is unimpressed when Agent Kim sends him to Panama on the trail of Michael and Lincoln. But when he finds out that T-Bag is also on his way there, Mahone comes up with an idea that could fatally derail the brothers’ escape strategy…

prison break
sweet caroline (19/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues. In this episode, Michael has a productive discussion with the President, Bellick and Sucre form an unlikely alliance when T-Bag makes a slip-up, and Sara comes face to face with Mahone.

Despite being in possession of the recording that could exonerate Lincoln, Michael and his brother have discovered that it is legally useless as its date of origin cannot be verified. However, the tape contains such an incendiary revelation about President Caroline Reynolds that it has great value as a blackmailing tool and could be used as a bargaining chip to get Lincoln a presidential pardon. And with Reynolds due to make a public appearance in Chicago, the brothers are presented with the perfect opportunity to lay down the terms of the deal.

While Lincoln heads off to see an old friend who may be able to help them with an escape plan if this all goes wrong, Michael immerses himself in the crowd and waits for President Reynolds’s motorcade to arrive. She gets out of her limo and starts greeting the crowd, but is surprised when Michael leans across the barrier and thrusts a piece of paper into her hand. While Michael gets hustled away by security, President Reynolds opens the note and reads: “We have the tape.”

Michael is handcuffed and led down a hallway by a group of agents. Suddenly Agent Kim appears and dismisses the others, before embarking on a futile and violent attempt to get Michael to reveal Lincoln’s whereabouts. When President Reynolds arrives, she tells Kim to make himself scarce so that she can speak to Michael alone. She is not worried when Michael tells her that he has a recording of her speaking to her brother after Steadman’s ‘death’ – until he calmly reveals the scandalous contents of the tape. Michael suggests a trade: the tape for a pair of presidential pardons – and offers to let her hear the tape to let her know that he is serious. “These are the terms,” he says quietly. “You can hear it over the phone or you can hear it on the news. It’s up to you…”

T-Bag, meanwhile, thinks he is well on his way to an easy life – all he has to do is pick up his bag containing Westmoreland’s millions and continue on his way to Bangkok. Waiting at the baggage carousel after his connecting flight to Mexico, he spots his bag and heads towards it… until he also spies Bellick, who took the same flight to bountyhunt Sucre for Mahone. Ducking out of sight, T-Bag dashes into the baggage handling area and makes another attempt to grab his bag, but is stopped short when a handler sees him. T-Bag is forced to make a run for it when a scuffle with the handler leaves the guy out cold on the carousel – and he has to split without the cash.

Oblivious to the fact that another Fox River fugitive has just slipped under his radar, Bellick heads off to hunt down Sucre – and it is not long before he finds the house where his quarry has been laying low. Sucre is horrified to come face to face with his old tormentor, and reluctantly allows Bellick to cuff him and lead him away. However, when he finds out that the price on his head is a lousy $100,000, he remembers spotting T-Bag on the news and offers Bellick a deal. “What if I knew where you could get $5million?”

Also this week, Sara comes face-to-face with Mahone. After his suicide attempt is thwarted by a guard, C-Note is terrified that Mahone will make good on his promise to hurt Kacie and Dede. And Reynolds outdoes herself when she deals Michael and Lincoln a nasty surprise.

prison break
wash (18/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael attempts to make contact with an ally, Mahone gives Bellick another job to do, C-Note is faced with a terrible choice, and T-Bag finds a therapy session very useful.

With the recording finally in their hands, Michael, Lincoln and Sara breathlessly listen to the conversation that could exonerate Lincoln and put a stop to the Company’s antics. But no matter how irrefutable and damning this evidence is, the problem lies in getting the recording to someone who they can trust. Knowing that the recording will be discredited if it falls into the wrong hands, Michael announces that the only chance they have is to hand the tape over to someone in the government who is on their side. Lincoln suggests Jane, the agent who worked with his father and is looking after LJ. She gives the brothers the name of Cooper Green, an old ally of their father, and a meeting with Green is set up.

After ensuring that Green arrives at the meeting point free from hidden microphones and unwanted company, Lincoln is satisfied that Michael is about to meet the man who could help them – until Sara calls and frantically tells him that the real Cooper Green has just arrived at his office. Will Michael realise that the man he is about to meet is an imposter – or will he hand over the one thing that could set all of them free?

Mahone, meanwhile, has received word that the brothers are in Chicago. When he wonders why they would have come here, so close to the prison they escaped from, Agent Kim loses patience and tells him to hurry up and find Michael. “You’re asking why the deer walked into your cross-hairs?” he asks sarcastically. “Just take the shot, Mahone.” He also tells Mahone that this means C-Note is now surplus to requirements, as his help is no longer needed to find Michael, and orders him to bring about “a death with no questions.” Mahone reluctantly visits C-Note and tells him that if he does not use the contents of a package soon to be delivered to his cell, his wife will be sent back to prison and their daughter’s medical care stopped. “I will ruin their lives,” promises Mahone. “Don’t make me.” Will C-Note take the hint?

While C-Note considers his fate, T-Bag cheerfully remains in control of his –for now. Having spotted an advertisement for a therapist who bears a striking resemblance to him, he pays him a visit and wastes no time in dispatching the poor man before assuming his identity and heading to the airport to buy a first-class, one-way ticket to Bangkok. He does not mind that he will have to take a couple of connecting flights, but is unsettled to find out that his baggage – which contains Westmoreland’s millions – is too heavy to be taken on as handluggage. The fate of his bag is the least of his worries, however: on the same flight is Bellick, who has been dispatched by Mahone to track down Sucre. It is only a matter of time before the two old enemies come face-to-face…

Also this week, Sucre and Maricruz make it to a safe haven. “I told you everything was going to work out,” Sucre smiles, looking forward to an idyllic future… unaware that it may soon feature a visit from Bellick. Michael and Lincoln realise that all may not be lost. And Kellerman pays his sister (Tina Holmes, ‘Six Feet Under’) a visit as he prepares to make things right.

prison break

bad blood (17/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues tonight. In this episode, Michael, Sara and Lincoln ask an old friend for help; T-Bag and C-Note both run out of options; and Sucre’s quest is finally over.

After everything that they have been through, Michael, Sara and Lincoln are tantalisingly close to finally getting their hands on the information that could exonerate Lincoln. Armed with the key to one of the personal humidors in a private cigar club, Sara and Michael make their way inside in the hopes of finding the evidence that will prove Lincoln’s innocence and incriminate the Company. Unfortunately, it’s not long before somebody recognises Sara and calls the cops, and the pair are forced to flee empty-handed. The operation has not been a complete failure, however: while inside, Michael has discovered that someone potentially useful is a member of the club –former Fox River warden Henry Pope.

Understandably, Pope is not happy when he opens the door to find his disgraced colleague standing there – and is even less impressed when Michael follows her inside. Still smarting from Michael’s betrayal, he refuses to listen to the pair’s story and threatens to call the authorities: “You two made a big mistake coming here today.” Michael knows that Pope is going to be a hard man to win round, so he quietly offers him a deal to get him on board. Pope grudgingly agrees, and asks: “You’re certain about what’s in the box?” “No,” replies Michael. “But it’s all we’ve got.”

Back at the club, Pope enters without a hitch and opens the humidor – where he finds the recording. However, the Company have been tipped off regarding the fugitives’ movements and Agent Kim is waiting outside. Backed up by a firearm-bearing goon, Kim calmly demands that Pope empty his pockets and hand over the recording. Have Michael and Lincoln come this far only to be thwarted by the Company once again?

Over in Minneapolis, C-Note is becoming increasingly concerned about daughter Dede’s declining health. He takes her to a nearby hospital and begs for a doctor to see her, but is turned away and forced to take Dede to a shady-looking clinic. When the doctor there tells him that Dede is in renal failure and urgently needs medical attention at a place with better facilities, C-Note realises that he has to stop running and take care of his daughter. He calls Mahone, who has been tracking him since finding out that he was spotted in the city, and says he’ll turn himself in if his wife is released from custody to take care of Dede. Mahone laughingly informs C-Note that he is in no position to be demanding deals – until C-Note offers to lead him to Michael…

While C-Note faces separation from his family, T-Bag is still trying to start a new life as a family man. He has kidnapped former flame Susan and her two children and is driving them across country to start a new life. They arrive at T-Bag’s derelict childhood home, where he informs them that they are to “start afresh”. “I will be good, Susan!” he promises, but when Susan lets him know that she is less than enamoured with his plan, he responds by locking the terrified family in the basement. Fuming outside, T-Bag spots an axe… but can he bring himself to murder the only people he sees as his family?

Also in tonight’s episode, Sucre’s long quest to reunite with Maricruz comes to an end when he finally reaches Ixtapa and meets her –but it is not long before airport security spot him and give chase. And Lincoln is horrifed when Michael reveals the details of his deal with Pope.

prison break chicago (16/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues tonight. In this episode, Michael, Lincoln, Kellerman and Sara head for Chicago in the hope of revealing the conspiracy; C-Note is trapped when the diner he and Dede are in is held up; and Bellick becomes Mahone’s latest ally.

After everything that she has been through, Sara is relieved to finally be reunited with Michael. She is less happy, however, to come face to face with Kellerman again, unable to believe that the man who tortured her and left her for dead is now working for the good guys. “What’s done is done,” Kellerman tells her smugly. “We all want the same thing.” Michael reacts by shoving Kellerman up against the wall and threatening him, but the agent knows that he’s too valuable for the fugitives to kill him just yet. He proves his point by identifying the mysterious key that Sara found at her father’s: it’s from a private cigar club in Chicago.

With this in mind, Michael, Lincoln, Kellerman and Sara board a train heading for the city. Kellerman flashes his FBI badge and tells the guard that he is transporting a fugitive and needs a carriage cleared, gaining some useful privacy. Unfortunately for Kellerman, the journey gives the troubled Sara more than enough time to reflect on how Kellerman kidnapped her and attempted to drown her. Finally she snaps and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine –but what consequences will her hot-headedness have?

Mahone, meanwhile, is desperate to find out where the brothers have got to. He is distracted, however, when another agent informs him that the location of another Fox River fugitive has been identified: a man fitting Haywire’s description was seen running from the scene of a homicide in Wisconsin. Mahone is ready to ignore this development, preferring instead to focus on finding Michael and Lincoln, but Agent Kim tells him that Haywire might be useful and orders him to “take care of it.”

Mahone reluctantly agrees, but knows that he’s going to have to recruit some extra help. He goes to visit Bellick at Fox River, and tells him that he can get him out of prison if he agrees to work for Mahone “under the radar” to bring the escapees in. “I need a junkyard dog who’s willing to do the ugly things it takes to bring a con to justice,” he explains. “Are you my dog, Brad?” Bellick doesn’t need asking twice –and it’s not long before he’s out of Fox River and back on the trail…

Also this week, C-Note almost finds himself back in custody after a diner hold-up gets out of hand, but uses his powers of persuasion to calm down the strung-out robber; while T-Bag’s twisted dream of reconstructing his former family is tested when an oblivious visitor arrives at the house. Bellick gets his teeth into his new duties and manages to track down Haywire. Kellerman starts to suspect that the President’s phone calls may not be what they seem. And Sara admits to Michael that she broke the number one rule of working in a prison: never fall for an inmate…

Monday 23 April

prison break the message (15/22) 22.00–23.00

Acclaimed prison escape drama. Michael and Lincoln attempt to expose the Company by sending a video to the local news, and send Sara a coded message at the same time. Sucre gets closer to a reunion with Maricruz. Bellick comes up with a way of protecting himself at Fox River.

Michael and Lincoln’s grand scheme of clearing Lincoln’s name by presenting the very alive Terrence Steadman to the world has been foiled by Steadman committing suicide – and the TV network that Michael called to broadcast the news of his brother’s exoneration are on their way. The brothers evade capture by using Kellerman and his FBI badge to get out of the motel, before taking a cameraman hostage and stealing a car. Lincoln wonders later if they should ditch Kellerman and the hostage, but the ever-resourceful Michael has an idea. “We still have assets,” he reminds Lincoln. “It’s just a question of how we use them.”

This question is answered when the brothers make use of their hostage by getting him to film a message to be sent to the news station. In it, they explain how Lincoln was set up by the Company, what happened to Steadman, and the fact that Agent Mahone has spilled his own share of blood during the chase. The FBI analyse the tape and come to the conclusion that the brothers are going to take their righteous anger out on the woman behind most of this – the President – but Mahone realises that Michael is actually concealing a coded message to Sara within his words. Will he crack the code before Sara does?

Meanwhile, Sucre is heading towards a reunion of his own. Having managed to get into Mexico, he is now heading for Ixtapa, where he hopes to meet up with his beloved Maricruz. He runs into some trouble when the bus driver decides that Sucre is a freeloader and ejects him the next town, but a fellow passenger takes pity on him and offers him a place to stay. Sucre guiltily takes this opportunity to liberate the man of his car, but is soon pulled over by the local police. Has he come this far only to fail?

Back at Fox River, a bruised and bloodied Bellick awakens in the infirmary to the unwelcome sight of a malevolent inmate. “You got a lot more coming your way,” hisses the visitor, who is then hustled out by the nurse. With the knowledge that he’s a dead man if he gets sent back to the cells, Bellick unsuccsessfully attempts to cajole the nurse into keeping him in the infirmary. Bellick is staring down the barrel of a gun – until someone else arrives on the scene with a favour to ask him…

Also this week, Haywire continues with his ambitious plan to build a raft and sail to Holland. When he is interrupted by a pair of teens, he finds out that one is being abused by her alcoholic father and decides to take on the role of avenging angel. The Company work quickly to bury Michael and Lincoln’s tape. And while Lincoln wonders if Kellerman’s ulterior motives are about to be exposed, the disgraced agent gets an interesting phone call from a very powerful friend…

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