Prison Break

prison break john doe (14/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues tonight. In this episode, Michael and Lincoln are back on the run with their unlikely ally; T-Bag reveals his true colours; and Bellick makes a dangerous mistake back at Fox River.

After last week’s double-crossing masterclass, in which Kellerman rescued Lincoln and Michael from Mahone’s clutches, the brothers are on the run once again and Mahone has been left bleeding courtesy of a Kellerman gunshot – much to the displeasure of Agent Kim, Mahone’s supervisor at the Company. Lincoln is also unsure that this turn of events is going to end well, recalling that their supposed saviour is the very same man who tried to kill him before the escape. After forcing Kellerman to pull over and wrestling his gun from him, Lincoln asks the agent for a good reason not to execute him on the spot. “I can give you the one thing that can set you free,” responds Kellerman calmly. “I know where Terrence Steadman is.” Both Lincoln and Michael know that if Steadman, the man who Lincoln was supposed to have murdered, can be produced, then Lincoln will be exonerated. But can they really trust Kellerman to make good on his promise?

Back in Kansas, T-Bag has finally managed to track down someone from his own past – Susan, the woman whose testimony put him in Fox River. In an attempt to protect her children from the horrible truth that ‘Uncle Teddy’ had been incarcerated for paedophilia and homicide, Susan had explained away his sudden absence by telling them that he had gone to work on an oil rig. So when the kids get home, they’re delighted to see that he has returned – and T-Bag is looking forward to getting his ‘family’ back. But when Susan’s son overhears T-Bag threatening her, the truth comes out – and T-Bag decides that drastic measures may be required to get what he wants.

Bellick, meanwhile, is dealing with the new and unpleasant experience of captivity. He’s back at Fox River, but has discovered that his position as an ex-guard is not as useful as he thought it would be. So when a huge inmate lets him know that he’s going to be calling the shots from now on, Bellick decides to take matters into his own hands and knocks his tormentor out in the cafeteria. When one of his old guard friends later tells him that the other prisoners think he’s crazy, Bellick smugly thinks that he’s sent a message that he’s not to be messed with – but it turns out that he’s actually made a huge mistake. The inmate he felled has connections with the guards on nights – who are planning on teaching Bellick a lesson. Bellick asks the guard if there’s anything he can do to protect him, but it’s not looking good: “There is nothing I can do now but warn you to watch your back,” he replies unhelpfully. Has Bellick dug his own grave?

Also this week, C-Note is devastated when he learns that Kacie’s efforts to help him have ended in her incarceration. Mahone learns the hard way that resigning from his post isn’t going to be that easy. And Michael shocks everyone when he makes a dangerous decision.

prison break
the killing box (13/22) 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues tonight. In this episode, Michael and Lincoln face the fact that everything they have been working towards may have been for nothing; Bellick finds himself back at Fox River; and T-Bag continues to leave a trail of bodies in his wake as he hunts down the woman who turned him in.

Having left Sucre to make the flight into Panama, Michael and Lincoln have turned their attention to finding Sarah and the proof that they need to exonerate Lincoln. The ever-present Agent Mahone, however, has scuppered them once more. Thanks to Mahone’s intervention at the border, the brothers are now facing the very real prospect of seeing the inside of Fox River Penitentiary once again. However, those behind the conspiracy that initially framed Lincoln would much rather that the brothers were dead than in prison, and disgraced agent Kellerman informs them that he is just the man to make that happen. “You give me the go-ahead on this – those brothers get in the van and that’s the last thing they’ll ever do,” he promises. Are Michael and Lincoln going to come out of this alive?

Bellick, meanwhile, is also headed back to Fox River. Realising that the evidence against him for Geary’s murder is just too compelling, he has agreed to a deal which will see him serve 25 years – on the condition that he does so back at his old stomping ground. He’s not too worried though, reasoning that his old friends on the inside will make sure that his sentence isn’t too hard-going. However, he is soon informed otherwise when one of the guards tells him that things have changed under the new warden: “The COs don’t run the show anymore.” To make things worse, his frightening new cellmate recognises him and greets him with a sinister “Welcome home, Boss”. It’s going to be a very long 25 years…

In Kansas, T-Bag is still enjoying his freedom. After using traditionally violent means to procure himself a prosthetic hand, he moves on to his next target: a lonely woman in a diner. After charming her into bed, he tells her that he’ll pick her up from her work at the post office and take her to dinner. When he arrives, he asks for a favour: to look up the forwarding address of his ‘cousin’ – in reality, the woman whose testimony put him in Fox River. She agrees, but then seals her own fate when she spots a ‘Wanted’ poster featuring her new beau’s face. TBag swiftly takes care of this latest inconvenience – before setting out to pay an old friend a home visit.

Also in this week’s episode, Sara is at a loss as to what to do without Michael’s help. Sucre is forced to bail out of the escape plane and ends up stranded in the Mexican desert. And Lincoln and Michael run straight into a trap, before being plucked out of danger by the most unlikely rescuer of all.

Prison Break – Disconnect (12/22) Monday 2 April: 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael and Lincoln make a difficult decision, Sara fights back and Geary’s death puts Bellick in a very awkward position.

Having found out the details of the plane that will transport them to Panama, Michael and Sucre have just been joined by Lincoln – and Aldo Burrows, Michael and Lincoln’s father. Michael has not seen Aldo since the age of ten, when Aldo rescued him from an abusive foster father by killing the man who beat him. Still bearing the scars of seeing what his father had done, Michael is also furious that Aldo abandoned him and Lincoln, and refuses to listen to Aldo’s claims that he had to leave the boys in order to protect them from the Company. “We can fix this,” begs Aldo. “I came back so that we could fix this.” Michael is not so sure: “This can never be fixed.”

Despite this reopening of old wounds, there are more pressing issues to contend with right now, such as the fact that the boys’ plane to Panama is leaving in just two hours. Getting ready to leave, the fugitives are suddenly confronted with the spectacle of a wild-haired Mahone, who immediately starts shooting at them. All four make it to the car in time and speed off, but their joyous whoops are soon curtailed when Michael realises that Aldo has taken a gunshot to the stomach – and there is no hospital for miles around…

Sara, meanwhile, is still trapped in a motel room with Kellerman, who was about to act on his orders to put her “in the ground”. Fortunately for Sara, Kellerman’s plans are interrupted when the motel owner knocks on the door to complain about the volume of the TV. Sara takes advantage of her captor’s momentary absence by getting free, hiding behind the bathroom door and burning Kellerman with an iron before escaping out of the window. Kellerman realises that he is now in a lot of trouble with the Company, and tries to cover up his error by claiming to have completed his task. What is he going to do when he is asked to provide photographic evidence?

Also in trouble is Bellick, who has been asked to answer some questions about what happened to Geary. He manages to string Kansas detective Slattery along for a while by claiming that he and Geary had been bounty-hunting T-Bag, and claiming that the felon was the one who killed Geary. However, Slattery soon realises that there’s something Bellick is not telling her when a detective informs her that a receipt from Bellick’s credit card was found in Geary’s hand – with his bloodied finger pointing towards Bellick’s name. “With his last ounce of strength, he told us you killed him,” says Slattery coldly. Bellick desperately comes clean about how the pair fell out over Westmoreland’s loot, and claims that T-Bag has set him up. His story does not ring true, however, when Slattery plays him back the threatening message he left Geary…

Also this week, Michael and Lincoln realise that Sara may hold the proof they need to exonerate Lincoln. C-Note’s happiness at being reunited with his family is cut short when daughter Dede needs some medicine – and the pharmacist recognises his wife and calls the cops. And while Sucre takes the next step towards freedom, Michael and Lincoln make a decision which seems to be completely at odds with the whole plan.

prison break bolshoi booze (11/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael’s escape plan is in danger of being derailed, Lincoln and LJ are in peril, Kellerman does his best to get information on Sara, and T-Bag resolves to wreak vengeance on Geary.

Having escaped from Mahone, Michael is now pressing on with his plan to get out of the country. With the help of a stolen GPS unit, he makes his way into the New Mexico desert, where he plans to meet the plane that will take him to Panama. He’s heading for ‘Bolshoi Booze’ – code for the GPS coordinates of the meeting point he gave to Lincoln and Sucre. When he gets there, he meets his contact and hands over the agreed payment – a box of medical-grade nitroglycerine. Unfortunately, due to recent events, Michael has been forced to substitute sugar-water for the drugs – and he’s wondering how long it will be before his contact and the gun-toting back-up realise that they’ve been conned. Michael tries to keep calm as he waits for his contact to receive the call with the plane details, but how will his famed nerves of steel hold up when his contact decides to do a ‘quality-control test’ on the merchandise?

Lincoln is hoping to join Michael in the desert, but has been detained in Colorado with LJ. After being rescued from the police by some strange people who claim to be on his side, he and LJ have ended up face to face with Aldo Burrows, Lincoln’s father. Aldo explains that he and his colleagues are working on a plan to take down the President and ultimately exonerate Lincoln, but have hit a snag – a secret recording that will do both of these jobs has mysteriously gone missing. Attempting to get this recording back, the conspiracy that also framed Lincoln for murder has already killed Governor Tancredi, is hunting Sara and has now tracked down Lincoln and LJ. As Aldo fills his son and grandson in on the plan, a conspiracy agent is heading for the house to act on orders to eliminate the three Burrows men…

Sara, meanwhile, has been imprisoned by another member of the conspiracy – Agent Kellerman, who has tied her to a chair and is demanding that she reveal the location of the secret recording. “I’m reasonable,” he lies smoothly. “If you tell me what you know, you get to go.” Sara insists that she has no idea what he is talking about, but Kellerman refuses to take no for an answer and embarks on a series of torturous ways to get the truth out of her. How long can she hold up?

Elsewhere, T-Bag has managed to escape the police by wrenching himself free of the radiator to which Geary and Bellick cuffed him. His liberty comes at an eye-watering price –he has to lose his recently reattached hand –but T-Bag has set his sights on something that will make him feel a little better. Having sneaked a tracking device into the money bag, he knows where Geary has taken the cash and wastes no time in hunting him down…

Also this week, Michael is relieved when an armed and dangerous Sucre arrives at the rendezvous point; Mahone’s family is under threat; Lincoln makes a tough decision; and Bellick finds himself in serious trouble when the brutal extent of T-Bag’s rage is revealed.

prison break rendezvous (10/22) 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Lincoln and LJ are liberated by some mysterious rescuers, Sara and Michael are finally reunited, and T-Bag tries his best to keep the location of the money a secret from Bellick and Geary.

Lincoln and LJ’s plan to meet up with Michael just keeps hitting snag after snag. As if car trouble and Kellerman’s constant interruptions weren’t enough, they’ve now been apprehended by the law after being spotted at a railway station. Stuck in the back of a squad car, it looks like it might all be over, until a black van forces the cop car off the road and its occupants bustle Lincoln and LJ into the vehicle. Initially resisting, Lincoln is intrigued when one of them tells him that they work for his father. The Burrows boys are taken to a mysterious house in Colorado, where they are informed that they don’t have to run anymore and that Burrows senior is on his way. But Lincoln’s suspicion that all is not as it seems is about to be proven right…

Michael is having his own problems in Arizona, where his longed-for reunion with Sara has turned into a desperate race for survival. Having deciphered Michael’s cryptic messages, Sara is waiting in the agreed location when he appears and explains his plan to “make all of this right”. She is aghast that this plan appears to involve her going on the run to Panama with “the two most wanted men in America”. Michael’s attempts to win her round, however, are suddenly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Agent Mahone. After an attempt to escape in the car ends in a crash, the pair are forced to continue on foot and seek cover in an abandoned building. But Michael knows that Mahone doesn’t plan on letting him get out of there alive: “He’s not trying to catch me,” he explains. “He’s trying to kill me.” Is Michael about to meet the same fate as one of Mahone’s previous nemeses, Oscar Shales?

Back in Kansas, Bellick and Geary are on their own mission: to make their snarling captive spill the beans. Unfortunately, even after a night of torture, T-Bag is still refusing to disclose the whereabouts of Westmoreland’s millions. When a tussle ends up with the treasure-hunting twosome spotting the locker key T-Bag has been hiding, they are sure that they’re finally about to get their hands on the cash – until T-Bag smugly swallows the key. His selfsatisfaction doesn’t last long, as Bellick and Geary embark on the stomach-churning process of getting the key back. Once their mission is accomplished, the delighted pair head off to unlock their fortune, call 911 and leave the weeping convict handcuffed to a radiator. Is it all over for T-Bag?

Also this week, Sucre’s continued efforts to reunite with girlfriend Maricruz are foiled by the police once again, but he remembers that he has one more option. Sick of being the sidekick, Geary reveals that he has an unpleasant surprise for Bellick. And Sara makes a heartbreaking decision which ultimately lands her in mortal danger.

prison break unearthed (9/22) 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael approaches Mahone’s ex-wife in an attempt to learn more about his pursuer; LJ and Lincoln run into a few difficulties; T-Bag gets a nasty surprise; and the FBI close in on C-Note’s wife.

Michael is having a hard time understanding just how the tenacious Agent Mahone seems to be predicting every step of his intricate plans. However, this mystery is soon resolved when a news bulletin reports that the Feds have recovered Michael’s hard drive – a mine of information on how the prisoners escaped and where they’re heading. Refusing to be beaten, Micheal decides to do some digging of his own and finds out that Mahone has an ex-wife, Pam (Callie Thorne, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘ER’). Disguising himself as a Federal agent, he heads for her house and claims to be doing a ‘security check’ on Mahone. When she tells him that her exhusband started acting strangely around the time a notorious fugitive disappeared, Michael puts the pieces together and realises that the twitchy agent is sitting on a major secret. Could this be the leverage he needs to force Mahone to ease up on the hunt?

While Michael attempts to relieve the relentless pressure of Mahone’s pursuit, his brother and LJ are travelling south towards the agreed rendezvous point. It doesn’t take long for a waitress at one of their rest stops to clock the fact that one of the Fox River Eight is in the car park, and the pair are forced to abandon their stolen car and continue on foot until they can get to a train station. Unfortunately, there’s more trouble waiting for them when a fellow passenger notices Lincoln and alerts the police. Are the hapless pair ever going to make it to meet up with Michael and head for freedom?

Someone else looking forward to a rendezvous is T-Bag, who has stashed the loot and is now aiming to settle an old score. When he finally arrives at the home of the single mother whose home he shared before his incarceration in Fox River – and who betrayed him to the authorites – he is disappointed to find that the house is empty and has been put up for sale. Someone else is waiting for T-Bag, however: Bellick and Geary, who have tracked him to the house by pulling some strings with old Fox River friends. The pair are aware that he is in sole possession of Westmoreland’s cash – and are prepared to go to extreme lengths to find out where he has hidden it…

Back in Chicago, C-Note is anxiously awaiting a reunion with his wife Kacie and daughter DeDe. In anticipation of this event, the FBI get to Kacie first and blackmail her into agreeing to be part of a sting to catch her husband. C-Note is not completely stupid, however, and has rounded up a group of his old friends to help him elude the Feds and escape with Kacie and DeDe. But will he manage to pull off his ambitious plan?

Also this week, Sara manages to decode Michael’s messages and heads for the agreed rendezvous point – but Kellerman has also figured it out and gives Mahone the heads-up. And Michael happily heads for New Mexico – but will his family be joining him?

prison break dead fall (8/22) 22.00–23.00 M

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael and Sucre’s plan to take off with the money lands them in deep water; Sara realises that she is in great danger; and Lincoln finally tracks down LJ.

Michael, T-Bag and C-Note have just uncovered the $5 million and are about to split it up and get going – until Sucre appears in the doorway, aiming a gun at his fellow fugitives and announcing that there’s been a change of plan. “I want the money,” he tells his astonished colleagues. “All of it.” T-Bag hands over the backpack containing the cash, and Sucre makes his exit. Michael tells C-Note that even if the cash has gone, at least they can ensure that T-Bag doesn’t take off by tying him up – “Make a nice little present for the police when they get here,” agrees C-Note. Unfortunately, T-Bag has disappeared – which is what Michael does next.

Michael heads for the nearby woods, where he is reunited with a grinning Sucre. “You were great,” Michael tells his former cell-mate as they start to plan their next move. However, their happiness suddenly evaporates when they open the backpack to find not $5 million but bundles of magazines – T-Bag, it seems, has outwitted everyone and bolted with the cash.

The missing money is the least of the pair’s worries, however – the police are closing in on them after being tipped off by the gang’s former hostages. With a raging river in front of them and Utah’s finest close behind, Michael and Sucre begin to make the precarious journey across fallen trees to reach the opposite river bank. Suddenly, Sucre slips and lands in the water, where his foot gets trapped under a heavy log. Michael is faced with a terrible dilemma – abandon Sucre and head for freedom, or try and help him and allow both of them to be caught?

Lincoln, meanwhile, is heading straight for his own trap. Having learned that his son LJ has been mysteriously freed from the correctional facility in Arizona, he has tracked the boy down and is desperate for a reunion. This is just what Agent Kellerman and his shady cohorts have been waiting for: a chance to get Lincoln back after he irritatingly slipped from their grasp. However, they have underestimated Lincoln’s cunning –he might just have a plan that will reunite him with LJ and get them both out of Kellerman’s reach…

Another of Kellerman’s targets is also wising up to what’s going on. After finding drug paraphernalia scattered around her apartment, Sara realises that the scene has been set for her to be found dead from an ‘overdose’. The smiling agent who appears from the next room explains that there’s nothing she can do to avoid her fate –until she sprays insect killer in his eyes and flees down the fire escape. Panicking, Sara calls Bruce, a friend of her father’s, who tells her to stay where she is and wait for somone from the office to pick her up. But when a passer-by using the same pay phone is shot dead, Sara realises that Bruce tipped the killers off. With nobody to trust, Sara begins to despair… until she remembers the coded notes that Michael sent her. But can she decipher them before Kellerman, who stole one of the notes from her apartment?

Also this week, Bellick is back on the fugitives’ trail; Mahone is unimpressed when he is hauled over the coals about Tweener’s death; T-Bag decides to settle an old score; and an unlikely alliance is revealed…

monday february 26
prison break buried (7/25) 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, the gang finally find Westmoreland’s money – but hit a snag. Sara’s father pays the price for warning his daughter about Kellerman. An increasingly unhinged Mahone takes drastic measures to get what he wants. And LJ receives some exciting news – but is it all too good to be true?

Having finally found the X that marks the spot where Westmoreland’s money is buried, Michael, Lincoln and T-Bag get busy digging while Tweener heads back into town to get the car filled up. However, trouble has arisen in the shape of the house’s residents – a housewife and her cop daughter – and C-Note and Sucre have also appeared on the scene. Upset at how badly wrong his meticulous plan has gone, Michael promises the tied-up hostages that he and his friends will be out of there as soon as possible. Suddenly, a news report reveals that the charges against Lincoln’s son LJ are being dropped and the boy is to be freed. Lincoln tells Michael that they need to go to Arizona and pick LJ up, but Michael is reluctant to abandon the plan after everything they have been through. “Then I guess this is where we part ways,” replies Lincoln. The brothers agree to meet in three days’ time – but is there any guarantee that LJ’s unexpected freedom isn’t going to come with a catch?

Back in the house, the team continue to dig. Having been wondering where Tweener has got to, their questions are suddenly answered when Sucre hears a report issuing from the cop hostage’s police radio. Sucre bursts in just as the others finally uncover the buried money, and puts a dampener on the proceedings by announcing that Tweener is in custody. With his history of caving under pressure, how soon will it be before Tweener leads the authorities straight to his friends?

Mahone, in the process of interrogating the hapless captive, doesn’t think it will be long at all before Tweener folds. When an attempt to bond with Tweener fails, Mahone shows him some photographs of T-Bag’s recent handiwork – the corpse of the vet who had worked on T-Bag’s severed hand – and warns him that if he doesn’t cooperate, the next victims will be on Tweener’s conscience. Eventually, Tweener relents and tells Mahone that there is at least one hostage in the house, whose life will be in danger if the cons suspect a set-up: there needs to be someone they can trust at the door.

Back in Chicago, Sara has been rattled by a call from her father, Governor Tancredi, in which he told her to stay away from her new ‘friend’ Lance –AKA creepy government agent Kellerman. The fall-out from this indiscretion begins when Tancredi’s vicepresident nomination is withdrawn – and continues when Sara finds her father dead in his home. It looks like a suicide, and the coroner can find no evidence of foul play, but Sara is sure that there is more to her father’s death than meets the eye…

Also this week, Haywire embarks on an ambitious plan to get out of the United States; Sucre wonders if he’s doing the right thing; Kellerman rethinks his loyalties; and Mahone reacts in an extreme fashion when he discovers that Tweener may not have been telling him the whole truth.

Monday 19 February, 22.00–23.00 on FIVE

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael, Tweener, Lincoln and T-Bag embark on a risky plan to get to Westmoreland’s money; Sara’s father makes a startling discovery; a hungry Haywire makes a dangerous mistake; and Mahone tightens the net on the escapees.

Having finally reached the site of the ranch where Westmoreland buried the money under a silo, Michael, Lincoln and T-Bag are horrified to see that a housing complex now stands there. “The ranch is gone, Michael,” says Lincoln blankly. “But the $5 million might not be…” replies Michael, clinging to the hope that their quest has not been for nothing. However, with T-Bag having helpfully eaten the map of the ranch, the gang are in trouble unless he can remember every line of it. He recalls enough to narrow the spot down to one particular house whose garage is directly on top of where the old silo used to be. But when a woman emerges from the house, they realise that it is occupied. “Ain’t no problem that a screwdriver to her temple won’t fix,” breathes T-Bag. “People die all the time, boys. $5 million comes once in a lifetime.”

Michael wisely disregards T-Bag’s suggestion and opts for posing as electricians as a way to gain access to the garage. While Lincoln sabotages the house’s electrics, the gang release Tweener from the boot of the car, where he has been restrained until now, and send him back into town to get supplies and fill up the car, ready for the getaway. However, when he gets back, Tweener confesses that the mission didn’t go very smoothly – he had to knock someone out… just after that someone had called the Sheriff.

Brushing aside this minor inconvenience for now, Michael manages to get the housewife to agree to the ‘work’ in the garage and the project gets under way. However, when constant interruptions from the lady of the house threaten the crew’s progress, T-Bag resolves to keep her occupied. “I know how to play nice,” he assures Michael unconvincingly. But can he really be trusted not to use this opportunity to add another victim to his resumé?

The boys aren’t the only ones to have made it to Utah. Their tireless pursuer, Agent Mahone, has arrived in Salt Lake City and is busy trying to narrow down the search. Ignoring reports that Haywire, another of the Fox River Eight, has been spotted in Wisconsin, Mahone tells everyone to focus on the 30-year-old DB Cooper case – AKA the case of Charles Westmoreland and his missing millions. After speaking with a witness from the original case, Mahone realises that the money has to be buried within a certain perimeter – severely narrowing down the possible location of the escapees. The net is closing in on Michael and his crew – but will they be able to unearth the money before Mahone finds them?

Also in this week’s episode, Haywire’s solitary flight from justice gets him into trouble when he breaks into an elderly woman’s house. Sara’s father, Governor Tancredi, realises that his daughter’s new friend ‘Lance’ – AKA Agent Kellerman – is not who he says he is. And the digging crew are surprised when they are rejoined by C-Note and the broken-hearted Sucre. Are too many cons going to spoil the broth?

Map 1213

Monday 12 February: 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener arrive in the Utah town where Westmoreland’s millions are hidden, but finding the ranch where the money is buried proves more difficult than anticipated. Meanwhile, Sucre goes to Las Vegas to get his girl back, C-Note takes drastic action to evade capture, and the single-minded Kellerman continues to close in on an unwitting Sara.

With Abruzzi shot down in the last episode, the remaining escapees are heading west – to Utah and fortune in the form of Westmoreland’s buried loot. When Michael and Lincoln make it to the small Utah town of Toolele, they are confident of finding the ‘Double K’ ranch, which Westmoreland identified as the hiding place of the $5 million. “All we gotta do is get that money and we’ll be out of here by nightfall,” insists Michael.

When it transpires that the Double K ranch doesn’t appear to exist, Michael refuses to entertain the notion that the dying Westmoreland used his last breaths to lie to him, and heads for the municipal building to check the town’s public records. Unfortunately, the map to the property owned by a Karl Kokosing is missing – and its thief appears to be the shifty-looking T-Bag currently exiting the building.

After catching up with him, the brothers learn that Tweener has also made it to Toolele – and has the map. Bearing in mind that this is T-Bag speaking, Michael and Lincoln lock him in the car boot while they go off to locate Tweener. They rescue him from a beating at the hands of a hardware store owner – only to discover that T-Bag was lying. Back at the car, the smirking felon announces that he has eaten the map and committed it to memory. “I’d have tattooed it on my body,” he drawls sarcastically. “But I didn’t have the time.” He continues: “As of this moment, I’m your map.” Repellent as the thought may be, it looks like joining forces with TBag is going to be the only way to find the cash.

While his former cohorts try to find the money, Sucre is on a quest of his own. Having discovered that his former girlfriend Maricruz, who is pregnant with his baby, is all set to marry his slimy cousin Hector, the desperate con is heading for Las Vegas to stop the wedding and get his girl back. He manages to get to the wedding chapel in time, but is thwarted when not Maricruz but the smug Hector greets him – and approaching sirens are heard. Has Sucre let his heart lead him into trouble?

Back in Chicago, Agent Mahone is piecing together the information retrieved from Michael’s hard drive. It’s not long before he connects the newspaper clipping about notorious hijacker DB Cooper – AKA Charles Westmoreland – and the fact that the escapees are heading west. “The money’s in Utah,” he informs his team. “And they’re all going to get it.” With this in mind, Mahone decides that there’s only one thing for it: to join them…

Also this week, C-Note’s journey to Utah is interrupted when he is forced to make a dramatic exit from his train; and Sara continues to be targeted by the smooth-talking, chameleonic Agent Kellerman. With Nick Severinn and Veronica already dead, is Sara going to be the next victim of the shadowy conspiracy that framed Lincoln in the first place?

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