Prison Break

Monday 5 February: 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Bellick teams up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika to find Westmoreland’s money. Kellerman continues to target Sara, who receives a surprising phone call. T-Bag gets a ride from an unsuspecting family. And Abruzzi resumes the search for Fibonacci to settle the scores once and for all.

After putting the Feds off their trail by staging an apparently fatal car crash, Michael and Lincoln are well on their way to Utah and Westmoreland’s millions – along with Nika, who helped them out with a getaway vehicle. Unfortunately, Bellick and his sidekick Geary are hot on their heels and know exactly why the escapees are heading west. Forcing the fugitives’ car off the road, Bellick and Geary greet the astonished trio and explain that they are no longer interested in the reward money – they want a cut of the hidden millions.

Meanwhile, Agent Mahone receives the results of tests on the blood found in the brothers’ destroyed car. Despite the fact that it matches the brothers, Mahone refuses to accept that Michael and Lincoln are dead and instructs his team to hold back from telling the media otherwise – the news that the brothers are dead will only put the other escapees on their guard. “I want those guys out there getting more complacent, not more careful”.

Back on the road, Bellick is revelling in his good fortune at having tracked Michael and Lincoln down. “I never thought I’d say this, Scofield,” he leers. “But I thank God for the day you walked into Fox River.” “And out of it!” quips Geary. Later, the car gets a flat tyre – courtesy of some nifty sabotage on Lincoln’s part – and Bellick escorts the fugitives to an abandoned shack while Geary glumly treks off to get a new tyre. It soon becomes apparent that Nika harbours a fair bit of resentment towards Michael and the fact that whenever he shows up, trouble follows. Bellick starts to wonder if he can exploit this resentment to his own advantage – but with five million at stake, can Nika be trusted?

Elsewhere, fellow fugitive T-Bag almost finds himself on his way back to Fox River when he encounters a transport crisis. The car he stole is tracked down to a petrol station by some intrigued police, but he manages to avoid being collared for the theft by framing another man and claiming to be a car-less Marine veteran by the name of Clyde. But when the creepy con is offered a ride by an unsuspecting good Samaritan, temptation comes his way in the form of the man’s teenage daughter. Will she be the person to send T-Bag back to jail?

Tweener is also closing in on Westmoreland’s money. Having replied to student Debra Jean’s advert requesting a travel companion for her long drive to Utah, he is perturbed when she demands that they take a break at the next motel. “It’s my car and I’m tired of being in it,” she snaps when he protests. Tweener starts to get fidgety when he spots Debra Jean making several covert phone calls, and wonders what she’s up to when she nervously announces that she is going out for supplies. Is Debra Jean about to turn him in?

Abruzzi, meanwhile, has no such worries. Reunited with his family, the mobster has both money and a plan to get out of the country to safety in Sardinia. But when an underling tells him that Fibonacci, the informant whose testimony sent Abruzzi to Fox River, has been found, Abruzzi relishes the chance of finally dispatching the rat. But will his thirst for vengeance be his undoing?

Also this week, Agent Kellerman continues to target Sara – and is delighted when he overhears the stunned doctor answer a phone call from Michael. And Mahone, enraged when he finds out the truth about the car ‘accident’, becomes even more determined to bring Michael down. “You have no idea what you’re in for…”

Monday 29 January: 22.00–23.00

The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael and a wounded Lincoln recruit an old friend’s help to keep one step ahead of Mahone; Bellick joins forces with a former enemy; and Sucre and C-Note risk everything to be with their loved ones.

After Michael and Lincoln’s unsuccessful attempt to liberate poor LJ from the Chicago courthouse ended in a shoot-out, Lincoln now has a bulletwound to the thigh and is bleeding fast. With all eyes on every hospital and clinic for miles, Michael is forced to turn elsewhere for help. He brings Lincoln to the home of Nika Volek (guest star Holly Valence), the woman who played an important part in the escape plan, and begs Nika for help. After patching Lincoln up with some rudimentary first aid equipment, Michael heads back out to find the car that they were forced to leave behind. “In that car is everything we need to disappear,” he reminds a protesting Lincoln.

Unfortunately, when Michael arrives at the spot he left the car, he discoverst that it has been towed. He tracks the vehicle down to a salvage yard, but is devastated to learn that a vital backpack is missing – it was stolen by a homeless man, who is currently being questioned by Mahone. When he realises where Michael is, Mahone calls the salvage yard in attempt to keep him there, but Michael wises up quickly and grabs the keys.

Back with Lincoln, Michael changes the car’s licence plates and the pair drive out – they’re heading west towards Westmoreland’s money in Utah, and the incarcerated LJ in Arizona. “Breaking out was just the beginning,” says Michael. “Now it gets a little more interesting.” Voicing his concerns to Lincoln that there’s “something about” Mahone, Michael says that they are going to have to do something pretty extreme to shake the man that seems to know exactly where they are going. But what does Michael have in mind?

Mahone is not the only person on the escapees’ trail. Since discovering that the eight fugitives have a sizeable price on their heads, Bellick has decided to embark on a new career as a bounty hunter. And a chance encounter with Geary, the Fox River guard who was instrumental in getting Bellick fired, provides him with the perfect wingman. “They [the escapees] took my job, my pension, my dignity,” Bellick tells Geary. “Everything I worked for in my whole life.” But are Bellick and Geary a match for Mahone and his team?

Meanwhile, C-Note and Sucre are embarking on ill-advised quests to be reunited with their loved ones. When Sucre finds out that his beloved, Maricruz, is due to marry his cousin Hector in two days, he recklessly hot-wires a car and heads to New York to find her. Unfortunately, Sucre’s plans to stop the wedding hit a serious snag when he is pulled over by a cop… and it is not long before the policeman puts two and two together and comes up with a wanted man. While C-Note is heading for his family in Chicago, could it all be over for Sucre?

Also this week, Sara is released from hospital only to be arrested for her part in the escape. Watching from the shadows is Agent Kellerman, who fills the corrupt President in on the situation and promises to “keep an eye” on the disgraced doctor. And when Mahone finds Michael and Lincoln’s burned-out car, it looks like the brothers have finally met their match. “Put in all that work, break out of prison, only to end up dead at the bottom of a ditch,” muses one of the officers attending the scene. But Mahone isn’t so sure that he’s seen the last of the fugitives…

Monday 22 January: 22.00–23.00
The acclaimed prison escape drama’s second season continues. In tonight’s episode, Lincoln and Michael embark on a risky plan to free LJ from the courthouse and take him with them. Elsewhere, Tweener hitches a lift to Utah to find Westmoreland’s money, T-Bag gets medical assistance, and Pope and Bellick pay the price for the escape debacle.

Having eluded their pursuers this far, it is now time for the escapees to part ways. Michael gives C-Note, Abruzzi and Sucre some cash, telling them: “This is where we say goodbye.” He and Lincoln plan to head for Mexico until things cool down, but Lincoln is worried about his son, LJ. The same shadowy conspiracy that set Lincoln up for the murder of Terrence Steadman has also framed LJ for murdering his mother and stepfather, and the hearing is approaching. Lincoln doesn’t want to leave the country without his son, and suggests liberating him from the courthouse on the day of the hearing. Understandably, Michael is doubtful about the wisdom of this risky idea. “So you’re gonna bum-rush the courthouse – that’s your plan?” he asks incredulously. “Are you serious?”

LJ, meanwhile, has had a visitor in the form of Mahone, the tenacious FBI agent. Mahone tells LJ that he wants the boy’s help in bringing Michael and Lincoln in peacefully. “I want your dad; I want your uncle,” he explains calmly. “And I’m ready to deal.” Later, Lincoln calls his son, posing as lawyer Nick Severinn – unaware that Nick is dead. He tells LJ to look out for ‘Otis Wright on the third’, but will his son pick up on this cryptic message?

Mahone is certainly hoping so. Having found out the content of the call, he is convinced that LJ knows what’s about to happen. “If you don’t tell me [who Otis Wright is], I will be in that courtroom when you are sentenced – and I will hang you out to dry.”

While Michael and Lincoln work on freeing LJ before he is shipped off to an adult facility in Arizona, one of their fellow escapees is facing a desperate race against time of his own. Having been on the receiving end of one of Abruzzi’s forays into butchery, T-Bag has arrived at a veterinary clinic with his severed hand in a stolen ice box. The terrified veterinarian agrees to attempt to sew the dying appendage back on, but will T-Bag allow the vet to live once he has done his job?

Another of the escapees who went solo after the break is Tweener, who has managed to get as far as St Louis. His plan is to head for Utah, where he believes Westmoreland’s hidden millions lie – and he is presented with the perfect opportunity when a student puts up an advert requesting a companion for her long drive home… to Utah. Is Tweener on the way to becoming a millionaire?

Meanwhile, Warden Pope and Captain Bellick have been hauled up in front of the Department of Corrections to explain how eight men could have liberated themselves from Fox River. When an enemy of Bellick’s exposes the corruption which ultimately let the convicts work on their escape tunnel undetected, Bellick is relieved of the job he’s had since he was 18 years old. Pope informs the board that, despite what Bellick did, “it will be a cold day in Hell’ before he lets one of his men be made a fall guy – and quits.

Also this week, Bellick finds out that each of the escapees have a $100,000 price on their heads – except Lincoln, whose price is $300,000 – and decides to launch his own bounty hunt. And Lincoln and Michael’s plan to spring LJ goes dangerously wrong when Lincoln is shot during the process. Spotting the huge pool of blood left behind, Mahone knows that time is running out for one of them. “Either they come to us or they die,” he says grimly. With all eyes on every hospital for miles around, will Lincoln be able to get medical attention before it’s too late?

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