Prisoners’ Wives

9:00pm Tuesday 28 February on BBC ONE

Gemma is distressed when she discovers that Andy has been released on police bail because of insufficient evidence.

Detective Hunter reassures her that she has to stay calm and keep acting normally with Steve while they build a case against him and Andy. But when Gemma visits Steve – on Family Day at the prison – she starts to fear that Steve knows she has betrayed him…

Meanwhile Paul sends Francesca an anniversary card containing a map, detailing where they can sneak off to have sex on family day. It seems like mission impossible, but will they pull it off?

Lou moves in with Harriet and is fitted with an electronic tag. But with Mason still in care, will she get him back and how will she break the news to an unsuspecting Sean?

And with Harriet’s attentions firmly focussed on helping Lou and Mason, Gavin starts to feel usurped, jealous and angry. What will he do next?

Ep 5/6

9:00pm Tuesday 14 February on BBC ONE

Harriet is distraught when she discovers that Gavin has been attacked in prison.

Harriet is desperate to help her son, but has to face the harsh fact that bullying is a reality of prison life. The only possible way to secure Gavin’s protection is to ‘buy off’ the bully with drugs. Harriet agrees to help Gavin, but where will she get drugs from and how will she smuggle them in?

Gemma’s eyes are opened as she realises her husband is still keeping secrets from her. Finding herself homeless, Francesca is forced to reach out to her estranged father and her family move into her childhood home. And Lou is put on alert after the school tell her that they have notified Social Services about Mason’s worrying behavioural changes.

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve, Emma Rigby plays Gemma, Polly Walker plays Francesca, Pippa Haywood plays Harriet, Natalie Gavin plays Lou.

9:00pm Tuesday 7 February on BBC ONE

Francesca’s life is thrown into turmoil when her assets are seized and the bailiffs take everything.

From riches to rags, and with the arrival of a new man on the scene, how will Francesca cope? Meanwhile, Gemma promises to stand by her man, but how far will she go to help her murdering husband?

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve; Emma Rigby plays Gemma; Polly Walker plays Francesca; Pippa Haywood plays Harriet; Natalie Gavin plays Lou.

9:00pm Tuesday 31 January on BBC ONE

Gemma’s perfect life comes crashing down when armed police storm her house and arrest her husband, Steve, on suspicion of murder. Alone, scared and submerged into an unknown world, Gemma struggles to make sense of the bewildering judicial system but she’s certain of one thing; her husband’s innocence.

When Gemma visits Steve for the first time, she meets three other women: Francesca, a career criminal’s wife, Lou, a drug dealing young mum, and Harriet, a visitor who sits outside the prison – never venturing in. Each have their own story, their own secrets…

Gemma’s unshakeable belief in her husband turns to doubt and fear when she realises he has no alibi and the police investigation is gathering momentum. And Gemma starts to think the unthinkable; could her husband be a murderer?

Jonas Armstrong plays Steve; Emma Rigby plays Gemma; Polly Walker plays Francesca; Pippa Haywood plays Harriet; Natalie Gavin plays Lou.

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