9:35am Monday, August 9 on C4

Twenty-three-year-old Megan Smith (Joanna Garc�a) has a Yale education, a relentlessly positive attitude, and a plan to conquer the world of journalism, despite the fact that she is slaving away at a tabloid rag. However, Megan’s plan is thrown off course when, in one whirlwind day, she gets fired, meets cosmetics mogul Laurel Limoges (Anne Archer), and becomes the live-in tutor for Laurel’s twin teen granddaughters in Palm Beach, Florida: a heady world of wealth and power.

Sunday, November 15 on E4

In the final episode of series one, Megan and Will bicker and try to avoid each other.

Sunday, November 8 on E4

Rose tells Sage the truth about their grandfather and Sage confesses a secret that shakes up her relationship with Rose.

Sunday, October 11 on E4

Megan finally confronts her mother, Shelby about abandoning her as a child.

Sunday, October 4 on E4

Brand New Series: Megan’s life is turned upside down when her mum Shelby, who abandoned the family when she was a child, returns. Dad Arthur encourages Megan to forgive her mum and himself for their mistakes in the past. To make matters worse, Megan learns that her sister impulsively ran off and got married to a man she can’t stand.

Sunday, September 27 on E4

Brand New Series: Megan punishes Rose for cheating on her exam; Laurel rekindles an old flame; Marco gets a new partner in the kitchen and Charlie is wary about living with Mandy.

Sunday, September 13 on E4

Brand New Series: Sage and Rose bump into celebrity blogger Perez Hilton when they perform a gig at a hot new Miami nightclub.
Meanwhile, Megan is envious when her best friend for Yale Caryn (Everwood actress Sarah Drew) tells her about her exciting new job as junior editor at a prestigious magazine.

Sunday, September 6 on E4

Brand New Series: Megan learns some secrets about Laurel’s past and Sage hires a publicist, Patricia, to help the twins deal with their growing fame.

Sunday, August 30 on E4

Brand New Series: Megan tries to improve her relationship with her dad so invites him over for dinner at the mansion and Rose and Sage are talked into doing some volunteering at a charity that provides prom dresses for underprivileged girls but soon make a hash out of the frocks.

Sunday, August 23 on E4

Brand New Series: Megan’s love life is in the balance when she realises that Jacob still has feelings for his ex. To make matters worse, Charlie, who is besotted with her, puts the brakes on their friendship. Meanwhile, Megan has even less success with trying to get Laurel and the girls to spend more time together.

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