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There’s two news stories knocking around at the moment and I can’t tell whether it rings true or whether it tastes like sour grapes.

Basically, the kicker is, Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor have both been accused of being a fix.

Joe Calzaghe has claimed that Strictly Come Dancing is “a fix” after he got the chop on the show. He told the Daily Mail that producers forced his exit because of an insult he directed at rival dancer Craig Kelly.

Calzaghe said: “Don’t you think it’s odd we went out when we were in the bottom for four weeks and the public kept voting for us? We had the highest votes every week, the producers told us. Then all of a sudden we lost out in the judges’ vote. Something was up.”

He added: “‘I know it’s down to something I said about Craig Kelly. It was worse than a swear word. They were really angry with me. So you can say it – Strictly Come Dancing is a fix. I don’t care, we shouldn’t have gone out so early.”

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell has been accused of conspiring against Jamie Archer in the run-up to Saturday night’s X Factor. According to The Mirror, Archer’s friends (who are not biased in any way at all… no no no) believe that Cowell stitched Jafro up because he knew he was likely to lose an act in Queen Week.

A source close to the singer is quoted as saying: “The whole show is being made a mockery of. Simon was the only judge with all three acts left – he knew he had to lose someone this week and so he offered up Jamie.

“It doesn’t take a genius to see how he did it. He stuck him first on the bill which is the worst place to be. He made sure he dressed him in dark clothing so it all looked very drab with no colour. And he gave him a very average Queen song in ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and left him there on the stage on his own. There was no production, no backing singers, no choirs, no pyrotechnics like the other contestants had.”

So what do you make of all that? It has to be said that, personally, I though Joe Calzaghe couldn’t dance for toffee and that Jafro was due the chop for a while (although, I would have throught that Lloyd would’ve gone by virtue of the fact that he’s the blandest human alive). Do you think the shows are fixed? Do you even care if they are?

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