11:15pm Thursday, September 23 on C4

The second series comedy about Sam, the slacker whose parents sold his soul to the Devil, comes to Channel 4, starting with a double bill. Sam returns from a road trip with Sock and Ben hoping to make things right with Andi. But the guys discover that they have been fired from the Work Bench and evicted from their apartment. With nowhere else to go, they head to Sock’s house, only to find a strange girl living there. To make matters worse, Andi refuses to talk to Sam, and The Devil is back with a new assignment.

Thursday, September 17 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam is contacted from Hell by Mr Oliver who has information on how to break his contract with the Devil. Elsewhere, Socks dates a demon who has the ability to morph into anything he desires.

Thursday, September 3 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam has to try to snare Gary, a spoiled, rich man into signing away his soul but Gary is smarter than Sam gives him credit for and soon outfoxes him.

Thursday, August 27 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam is whisked off to the home of Sally, the devil’s lover, so she can teach him the ‘family business’ but soon starts acting as a go-between for the devil and the object of his affection.

Thursday, August 20 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam carries on his quest to find the Devil. Elsewhere, the Devil pits Sam and Morgan against each other to see who will become his heir.

Thursday, August 13 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam is left doing all the work on a soul catch after Morgan takes off. This time, Sam has to return an unjustly condemned soul who wants to satisfy one wish: to lose his virginity.

Thursday, August 6 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam is sent on a road trip to catch a soul and he takes the whole gang along. But there’s a shock in store when he arrives to find that a tentacled beast has taken over.

Thursday, July 30 on E4

Brand New Series
Tony helps out Sam, Sock and Ben after an escaped soul leaves her baby behind. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Andi that Sam is the Devil’s son.

Thursday, July 23 on E4

Brand New Series
The Devil introduces Sam to Morgan: his charming, rich, perfect other son.

Thursday, July 16 on E4

Brand New Series
Ben wants to introduce Nina to Sam and Sock, but worries that they won’t accept her because she’s a demon. Andi discovers that Sock has created a fake employee at the Work Bench to double his salary. And The Devil tells Sam he must send a boxer from the 1950s back to Hell by getting into the ring and knocking him out.

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