9:00pm Monday, January 31 on M4

Phil and Kirstie tackle their biggest search area ever when they scour an entire country seeking out a whole new way of life for two would-be hoteliers. Christine and Keith Bettis have given up everything they know to chase their dream of running a hotel, somewhere, anywhere in Scotland.

9:00pm Monday, January 24 on M4

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer visit Manchester to assist a perfectionist and his partner on the hunt for their first… and second property purchases. Civil Servant Pav Akhtar has a new job which means a move north with partner Mikael Denis. But the search is hampered by Pav’s fussy nature and extreme first-time buyer’s nerves.

Monday, June 8 on M4

Kirstie and Phil take on a labour of love, helping Hertfordshire couple Helen and Paul find their dream home and their dream business: running a wedding venue. But even with a ?1.4 million budget, this search won’t be a stroll down the aisle for Kirstie and Phil. Paul’s set on starting a business from scratch, and with Kirstie and Phil finding it can take up to two years for a new venue to get its first booking, the pressure’s on to get them a dream today.

Monday 30 March at 9:00pm on M4

Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp make a return visit with mother and daughter duo Sarah and Gill Currie, who were chasing their dream of buying a rural pub with B&B. Kirstie and Phil searched high and low in three of the most expensive counties in Britain, locating a village pub bursting with potential. Now Kirstie’s back to find out if life behind the bar has turned out how they hoped.

Monday 16 March at 9:00pm on M4

Phil and Kirstie catch up with James and Vikki who, two years ago, asked for help finding a family home in England and their dream holiday home in Wales. After a serious motorbike accident, James decided that life was for living and within 18 months he was married to his partner Vikki and they had baby Holly. To complete the picture, they wanted a family home in the M4 corridor and a holiday home on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Monday 9 March 9:00pm on M4

Phil heads north to catch up with Dan and Tracy Lunnon-Wood. They’d been married for three years but, despite hundreds of hours searching, countless offers and thousands spent on surveys, they were still scouring the north of Scotland for their first ever home together. Two years later this pair’s lifestyle has changed beyond recognition.

Monday 16 February 9:00pm on M4

Kirstie and Phil help a couple who are turning the usual relocation dream on its head and wanting to escape to London, not away from it. Bristol-based couple Louise Buckles and Peter Melrose are finding that their work is mainly in London; and so they want their main house there, while holding on to the rural idyll by keeping a little place in the Wiltshire countryside.

Wednesday 7 January at 8:00pm on C4

The new series of Relocation, Relocation , filmed close to transmission, follows families through the most complicated property market for a generation. In this first episode, Kirstie and Phil are in the sunny south-west trying to make the property dream come true for Stephanie, Dominic and seven-month-old baby Oscar. Having sold their family home in Sussex, they are looking for a house by the sea in North Somerset and a holiday-come-rental home in Devon or Cornwall.

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