Reno 911

Thursday, October 15 on E4

Brand New Series: Jones and Garcia are accused of Milkshake Man’s deat. Consequently, the District Attorney investigates the sheriff’s department.

Thursday, September 17 on E4

Brand New Series: Garcia and Jones dress up as hippies so that they can go undercover on a stake-out.

Thursday, September 10 on E4

Brand New Series: After failing to find love with any of the other bachelors in Reno, Johnson finally goes on a date with Garcia.

Thursday, September 3 on E4

Brand New Series: Williams discovers the Nation of Islam and sets about changing her ways, as well as the ways of several other Deputies in the process.

Thursday, August 27 on E4

Brand New Series: A criminal profiler is roped in to help when the Lt Governer’s brother goes missing.

Thursday, August 20 on E4

Brand New Series: Garcia and Weigel give themselves the task of handling security for a Kenny Rogers book signing in a Reno mall.

Thursday, August 13 on E4

Brand New Series: The deputies are thrown into disaray when the county comes up with a hare-brained scheme to get them to shave off their facial hair.

Thursday, August 6 on E4

Brand New Series: The squad are infuriated when the firefighters hold their Pancake Dinner on the same night as their Annual Policemen’s Ball and blame them for the poor sales.

Thursday, July 30 on E4

Brand New Series
Reno 911! returns with more brand new episodes. A convicted criminal becomes a televangelist and begins to broadcast his Half Hour of Power show direct from his cell at Reno prison.

Thursday 23 April at 11:05pm on E4

Brand New Series

Officer Wiegel enjoys the attention when she tries to commit suicide and everyone is assigned to her 72-hour suicide watch.

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