Reward: Catching the Criminals

When crimes are committed substantial cash rewards can be a vital weapon in solving them.

Reward: Catching The Criminals is a brand new ninety-minute show which sees Mary Nightingale head up ITV1’s own crack team of highly experienced investigators including Jackie Malton – the detective that the character Helen Mirren plays in Prime Suspect is based on, Roy Ramm, a former Commander of the Serious Crimes Squad at New Scotland Yard, Dave Barclay, a forensic investigator who worked at the National Crime Faculty, Anne Davies, a behavioural scientist specialising in rape cases, Nat Cary, a forensic pathologist and Noah Charney who is an expert on art crime.

Working with the charity Crimestoppers, Reward: Catching The Criminals will make national appeals for information to help solve crimes where the perpetrators are still at large – and where there’s an outstanding reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction. Will a fresh look and a national televised appeal finally bring these criminals to justice?

The show begins with Jackie Malton investigating the vicious attacks of two young women after a night out. Both were at a club before one of them was hit with an iron bar and stabbed twice after trying to break up an argument. The other was then on her way home when she got out of her car to tell her friend about the events of the evening. As they talked a car came round the corner and deliberately rammed her, causing horrific injuries. Was the driver of the car the same man who stabbed the clubber in the car park? Who is the mysterious man on CCTV footage? DCI Molton discusses the case with Mary Nightingale and the investigating team appealing for anyone who was in the club that night to come forward with information.

The programme also features an 84-year-old woman who was viciously attacked and raped in 1994 by a youth while walking her dog on a local woodland path. Behavioural scientist, Anne Davies, takes us through the events and helps to shed new light on this crime. Will the £10,000 reward offered prompt any witnesses to relive that day thirteen years ago?

A £100,000 reward is offered for help in solving a crime of a very different nature – a crime that shocked the art world – the theft of a two ton Henry Moore sculpture that is valued at £3 million. Bizarrely this huge bronze statue appears to have vanished. Noah Charney, an expert on art theft, who has worked with the FBI and New Scotland Yard, guides us through the evidence and explores the possible motives of the thieves and the whereabouts of the sculpture which is regarded as a national treasure.

Reward: Catching The Criminals also features an appeal made by the family of a male model who was mysteriously abducted from his flat where he was staying with his girlfriend one night in September 2005. Will the moving pleas from his loved ones who are desperate to know what happened make anyone come forward and help solve this mystery?

NEW ITV1 Network Thursday 18 January 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM

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