Richard & Judy’s New Position

Richard & Judy’s New Position is reportedly going to be axed following poor viewing figures.

The show, which is on the Watch channel, lost over 90% of the audience since it’s launch in October last year, pulling in just 8000 viewers on Monday.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Every day, we think an announcement will be made…it looks unlikely this show will come back.”

Ratings for the programme started with 100,000 when they first joined the UKTV satellite and cable channel, but Richard Madeley, 52, and Judy Finnigan, 60, used to draw audiences of 3 million when their shows were on Channel 4 and ITV.

Their contract with Watch is due for renewal in December. They quit Channel 4 in 2008, when their £3 million pay deal expired, and they moved to Watch in a much-publicised move.

In January, the show moved to the 6pm timeslot from 8pm, after viewing figures released in December placed it bottom against closest rivals, with a mere 0.06% share.

Judy Finnigan recently said that she would happily quit TV, as she is keen to take a break from the “daily grind” of the show. A source also told The Sun: “She realises there is more to life than daily TV. It’s not that Judy wants to give up television all together, but you can burn out on the daily grind.”

However, if Judy was to quit television, husband Richard would not follow, as he is rumoured as being considered as the host of revamped game show, Double Your Money. The source added: “Richard has made it no secret he’s still ambitious and is keen to try other projects.”

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Larry Lamb has candidly spoken out about his relationship with his father, when appearing as a guest on Richard & Judy’s New Position. In the show, which airs at 8pm on Tuesday 2nd December on Watch, Lamb describes his father Ronald as “evil”.

Lamb describes how similar his Eastenders alter ego Archie Mitchell was to his father saying that it was “exactly the sort of trips my father used” and that he “spent a lot of time with a shrink talking about this.”

Lamb goes on to say that he confronted his father about it all saying:

“He had wrecked so many people’s lives, including mine, and as I said to him at the time, ‘if you want to start playing the truth game with me, now’s not a good time because I’m carrying forty nine years. I remember, forty nine years of it with me, I’ve had you for forty nine years. And if you want to hear the truth boy you’re going to hear the truth, so just lean off.'”

Asked if he had spoken to him since he replied “no, ever” and also admitted that he “absolutely didn’t go to his funeral.”

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