Roary the Racing Car

roary the racing car
make your mind up roary

Returning to Five this week for a new run of episodes is the thrilling preschool series based around the adventures of a young and cheerful racing car called Roary. From the producers of ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’, Roary the Racing Car features the voice of UK comedy king Peter Kay and narration by motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss. The series brings to life the colourful world of Silver Hatch racetrack, where Roary hopes to become the best motor car in the land.

Roary is the youngest of all the cars at Silver Hatch, and his sense of mischief sometimes lands him in trouble. However, his boundless enthusiasm and good nature mean that nobody can be cross with him for long. He is always full of beans, but he has also got a lot to learn as he gets older. It is a journey that is helped by chief mechanic and mentor Big Chris (voiced by Kay), who is always on hand to give the little car a pep talk when he feels down. Other characters in Roary’s life include bossy manager Marsha; haughty Italian F1 car Maxi; bruiser Tin Top; French stunt car CiCi; and the wealthy owner of Silver Hatch, Mr Carburettor.

In today’s episode, the cars are being rewarded for their hard training with a trip away –but they cannot make up their minds where to go. Finally, Roary is given the deciding vote, but he seems to be having too much fun winning his friends’ favour.

In tomorrow’s instalment, ‘Workshop Roary’, Big Chris is exhausted after working all night to get everything ready for a reporter who is coming later that day. Roary and Tin Top offer to run the workshop for him so he can have a nap. What could possibly go wrong?

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