Ross Kemp in the Middle East

Ross Kemp is referred to as a TV Hardman. This is probably because he looks like a hooligan and played the part of Grant Mitchell. However, being a bone-headed thesp does not a hard man make.

That said, he’s at least shown he’s got balls like King Kong (which is certainly more than you could say for a wimp like me) by going into dangerous wartorn places to bring us his own slant on our most recent bloodshed.

And now, Sky1 has announced details of Ross Kemp in the Middle East at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. It’s a two-part documentary looking into the political situation in Israel and Gaza.

Following the success of his BAFTA-nominated report on the violence following Kenya’s disputed election, Kemp travels to Israel and Gaza to explore a conflict which defines our world yet remains pretty much misunderstood by everyone outside of the nation’s newsrooms.

With access to all sides, the two-part series will offer an insight into life under military occupation and living under the threat of terrorist attack. He’ll also explore the mindset of the men behind the violence and shows the experiences of those trapped in the middle.

Beginning his journey in Gaza, Ross meets the men behind the violence, and the communities caught in the crossfire. In episode two, Ross travels to Israel and discovers a country surrounded by enemies and living under the constant fear of attack from terrorist groups dedicated to its destruction.

Says our man Ross: “Like many other people I’ve grown up with news stories about the Middle East without really understanding the issues. I hope that the two documentaries, one in Israel and one in Gaza, will give people a better understanding of this complex and troubled part of the world.“

Ross Kemp in the Middle East will air on Sky1 HD in January 2010.

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