Rough Diamond

Aidan Doherty (Conor Mullen) is about to sell his late father’s business to successful race-horse trainer, neighbour and affluent owner of Firebrand stables, Charlie Carrick (Stanley Townsend).

Wracked with guilt at the part he played in his father’s death, Aidan is off to begin a new life in Australia and has only the contracts to sign.

When hapless local man Hogan (Garrett Lombard) arrives with a strung out colt aptly named Rough Diamond, Aidan walks away, determined not to get drawn back to the yard.

Meanwhile a young English boy turns up at the stables, asking for Aidan. The yard is mayhem with Charlie trying to get his contracts signed and the colt misbehaving, and Aidan is forced to try to calm the agitated horse. Jonah (Ben Davies) is dumbstruck as he watches in awe as Aidan works his magic on the angry colt.

With the colt now calm and everyone distracted, Jonah climbs on Rough Diamond and takes off across the fields. When Charlie’s daughter and experienced rider, Sheridan (Muireann Bird), gives chase, she can’t catch the colt, so returns to the yard to tell Aidan that Jonah is in trouble. Sheridan reveals Jonah’s identity to Aidan who, unable to believe it, goes in search of the boy.

But the colt has gotten the better of the teenager and the only trace of Jonah that Aidan can find is a random betting slip. When he turns up at the betting shop, the punters fall silent. It is the first time Aidan has been there since his father’s death, but he finds Jonah and returns the slip so that the boy can claim his winnings.

Back at the yard, the pressure is on. Aidan must sign the contracts or risk losing half of Charlie’s very generous offer. With the pen at the ready, what will he do?

Rough Diamond is BBC One’s new family drama set against the backdrop of the elegant world of racehorses in beautiful rural Southern Ireland.

The six-part series stars Conor Mullen (Soldier Soldier), Lorraine Pilkington (Monarch Of The Glen) and Stanley Townsend, alongside 17-year-old newcomers Ben Davies and Muireann Bird.

Rough Diamond, filmed entirely on location in Ireland, is made by World Productions and written by Robert Jones.

It is a heart-warming story about a man who thinks he has nothing, but finds a son in need of a father and a horse who just needs a chance. All three must learn to trust each other if they’re to achieve their dreams.

The storyline centres on the rivalry between struggling young trainer Aidan Docherty (Conor Mullen) and his millionaire neighbours, Charlie Carrick (Stanley Townsend) and his wife Yolanda (Lorraine Pilkington), who run the successful Firebrand yard.

Aidan is set to sell up and begin life again on the other side of the world in Australia. But just as he is about to sign his late father’s stables over to wealthy neighbour and rival Carrick, a young stranger turns up with news that rocks Aidan’s world and convinces him not to sell.

Suddenly, into Aidan’s life crashes a son he never knew he had and a crazy colt he never knew he wanted. For the first time, Aidan has a chance of a future – but will he be brave enough to take the reins?

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