Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse‘s sketch show, Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry and Paul, has been demoted to BBC Two because of low viewing figures, reports Chortle.

The show aired for two series on BBC One and was one of the top ten viewed comedy shows of 2007. However, Enfield revealed at the Broadcast TV Comedy Forum that the show has been shunted sideways by Auntie.

“It’s now going to be on Two, because we only got five million viewers,” he said. “Everyone says that’s better for comedy anyway.

“The BBC have management targets, and I don’t have to get involved in all that – at least not until they say ‘You’re fired’.”

Enfield also spoke about his critically slated 2000 Sky series Brand Spanking New Show, admitting that the programme’s faults were down to him. “I was doing [the movie] Kevin & Perry Go Large at the time and I had my eye off the ball. I didn’t go into the edits,” he said.

“There were some good sketches, but they appeared to be performed by someone in a panic. I got a kicking for it, quite rightly.”

Enfield has, thus far, been able to sidestep any kickings for Ruddy Hell! by virtue of the fact that it’s… well… just there. Passable and alright.

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