Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue

10:00pm Monday, February 28 on M4

This time, Ruth Watson meets an ambitious pair of property developers hoping to branch out into the boutique B&B market. Louise and Liam took advantage of east London’s urban regeneration and now they’ve heard that Margate is home to a burgeoning art scene. They feel this will rejuvenate the seaside town, and want to get in there first with their B&B. But unlike their previous developments, this project is blighted by trouble. Can Ruth help them turn the project around? Exec Prod: Sarah Freethy; Series Prod: Neil Smith; Prod Co: Betty Television

10:00pm Monday, February 21 on M4

Ruth Watson visits Luton, where property developer Franco Anacreonte and his barrister wife Lefi are embarking on a mammoth project: transforming two 1980s office blocks into a 70-bedroom hotel, offering ‘four star services and three star prices’. But with Luton already home to a Hilton, Holiday Inn and a Days Hotel, can the novices compete with the pros? As deadlines are missed and debts mount, Franco’s stress levels rise. Striving to open in time for summer pushes him to breaking point and he begins to suffer panic attacks. Can Ruth help rescue the project?

10:00pm Monday, February 7 on M4

American ex-pats Kent and Claire have risked financial ruin after pouring their money into transforming a Regency mansion near the historic town of Newark in Nottinghamshire. They bought the neglected Stubton Hall with a view to restoring it to its former glory and turning it in to a luxury spa hotel and wedding venue. But, as Ruth Watson finds, they are dangerously close to disaster and desperately need her guidance.

Wednesday, October 7 on 4

Ruth Watson continues her new series tackling fledgling hotels and B&Bs across the UK, using her expertise to transform the efforts of new hoteliers as they embark on setting up on their own. This episode features American ex-pats Kent and Claire, who have risked financial ruin after pouring their money into transforming a Regency mansion near the historic town of Newark, Nottinghamshire. Before Ruth even meets them they have invested five million pounds and are six months behind schedule. The project reaches crisis point when their finances are severely hit by the recession.
An interview with Ruth is available on the press website at Programme Info/ Future Highlights/ September.

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