Samantha Who?

Tuesday, December 8 on E4

It’s Andrea’s wedding day and Sam has to choose between Winston Funk and Todd. Regina and Howard realise that their lives are taking separate paths. Last in series.

Tuesday, December 1 on E4

amantha’s memory is stirred by the thought of billionaire Winston’ Funk’s ex-wife Gigi.

Tuesday, November 17 on E4

Samantha is hired as head of Winston’s charity foundation and recruits Andrea to look after her legal affairs.

Tuesday, November 10 on E4

Samantha is baffled to discover that she has an aunt and grandma who haven’t been mentioned because of a longstanding row over a family heirloom.

Tuesday, November 3 on E4

Brand New Series: Sam tries to help Todd get a job by sabotaging the competition. Meanwhile, Regina puts Dena’s house on sale without telling Regina so that she can still work with Samantha.

Tuesday, October 27 on E4

Brand New Series: Samantha starts dating rock superstar Tommy Wylder (guest star John Taylor from Duran Duran) – an idol from a youth that she can’t remember.

Monday 20 April at 10:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

After a series of misunderstandings, Samantha discovers she needs to be a better friend to Frank. Meanwhile, Andrea worries that she will lose all the perks that come with dating a celebrity when her professional basketball player boyfriend is outed as gay.

Monday 13 April at 10:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Sam thinks she wants a baby. But to make sure, she babysits one of Dena’s dogs to see if she has the necessary motherly instincts. Meanwhile, Howard and Regina inherit a plane, which causes Regina to take flying lessons. Imagine the results.

Monday 6 April at 10:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Sam and Todd go on a double date with Andrea and professional basketball player Tony Dane. But when Todd makes an awkward discovery about Tony, Sam decides to meddle in Tony’s affairs.

Monday 30 March at 10:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

After the breakup between Owen and Sam, the gang decide to pack it up and head out for an overdue family vacation to a country lodge. Sam meets an old flame at the lodge, Brad. In fact, Brad was Sam’s childhood sweetheart and Sam still feels a bit sweet on him. So things get a bit choppy when Andrea makes a pass at Brad.

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