Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses

8:00pm Wednesday, December 5 on C4

In Finsbury Park, North London, Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners advice on ways to improve their properties. With just a week and �1000 to effect the changes, Tim must make his neglected upstairs live up to his stylish downstairs; Henry’s stark ex-rental property could do with an injection of personality; and Verity’s worn kitchen needs a refresh. Will any of the properties have enough appeal tempt buyers Stephan and Rhona?

8:00pm Wednesday, November 28 on C4

Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners in Luton the chance to snoop around each other’s houses for inspiration. Mum-of-four Asiya realises her neutral home is a bit sterile; stylish Tina works hard to make her shabby garden match her well-groomed interior; while Paul and Michelle try their best to inject style into their nice but plain family home. But with just a week to make changes and �1,000 budget, will any of them appeal to entrepreneur Mike, who’s looking for a family buy-to-let?

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