Saturday Kitchen

BBC Daytime has commissioned a further three series of Saturday Kitchen Live for BBC One. The new commission takes the series up until early 2012.

The weekly show presented by James Martin features top chefs cooking live in the studio for a celebrity guest along with edited highlights of some of the best of the BBC’s cookery archive.

The show has grown steadily since its launch with audiences increasing from 1.3 million and 21% share to 1.9 million and 27% share this year.

The new series has been commissioned by Liam Keelan, Controller of Daytime, who said: “I’m thrilled to be able to commit to another three series of Saturday Kitchen for BBC Daytime. With James at the helm, the show has been a huge success with its array of top chefs and fresh and entertaining format.”

Saturday Kitchen Live has been produced by Cactus TV since June 2006. The BBC Executive Producer is Carla-Maria Lawson, and the executive producer for Cactus TV is Amanda Ross.

The three series have been commissioned as 48 x 90-minutes (2009-10); 47 x 90-minutes (2010-11) and 47 x 90-minutes’ (2011-12).

BBC TV has admitted that callers were asked to pay to phone in for a show that had already been taped. On 10 February, the host of BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen asked viewers to call in for a flat rate of 25p with ideas for the next weeks show. However, that next week’s show began taping only 10 minutes after the host put out the appeal for callers, too little tiem for the callers to actually appear on the show.

The BBC claims that it was a simple mistake and that all the proceeds are directed to charity.

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