Save Our Boozer

Beer is the cement that keeps Britain from crying constantly into the night sky. We Brits love to drink. Beer is there for you when you’re sad, when you’re happy and when you’re just plain bored.

Drinking at home is a bit depressing, and as such, when you find a decent pub, it almost feels like stepping into Shangri-La. Anywhere that the craic is good, you’ll gravitate toward. The unspoken rules of the pub are in our DNA… like the etiqutte of buying a packet of crisps and tearing it open on a table so everyone can share… the communal clink of glasses for the first drinks shared… the weird notion that we have to tell everyone that we’re “just nipping for a slash.”

However, our pubs are closing. The two pubs nearest to my house, which are both great, are currently closed or closing forever. Losing them feels like losing a limb.

And so, there’s a brand new five-part series putting the Great British pub back at the heart of the community. Save Our Boozer is a new factual series on Blighty that sees award-winning pub landlord Jay Smith lead five communities as they revamp their stricken pubs, learn how to run them and take them over for good as part of a mission to bring back the great British boozer in their home town.

Fifty pubs are closing every single week, which means that, by 2012, one in six will be gone for good. All we’ll be left with is a bunch of chains selling 50p shots of Apple Sourz.

With the help Jay Smith, five different rural communities are being given the chance to fight back, to create the pub they want in their town, to bring back their very own British boozer.

Each rural location featured in the series has a local pub that has shut down, is deteriorating or heading for ruin because of a mixture of the recession, the smoking ban, rising costs and competition from supermarkets.

Watch a trailer for the show here and tune in to Save Our Boozer on Blighty from Tuesday 8th December 2009 (that’d be tonight folks).

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