Scream Of You Know The Answer!

Filmed on some of Thorpe Park’s terrifying rides and hosted by Duncan James Scream If You Know the Answer! is Watch’s brand new, hair-raising, adrenaline-fuelled game show.

Imagine experiencing forces of a terrifying 5.5 Gs, whilst trying to hold down your dinner and answering questions all at the same time – is your stomach churning yet?

Each show features two contestants paired with a celebrity to form two teams. They will compete in a series of hilarious challenges all of which take part ON the rides themselves – for a potential prize pot of £5,000. 

See the likes of Ben Shephard, Katie Price, Jeff Brazier and Suzanne Shaw (plus many more) as you’ve never seen them before – no one can look glamorous when hurtling at 115mph in the air!

Scream if You Know the Answer! will feature a wide selection of extreme games, including: “Retch-A-Sketch”, a hilarious drawing game which sees both team members riding together in a bid to win points; “Easier Said than Spun”, where contestants describe objects for the celebs to guess while enduring 5Gs on the notorious Samurai or Slammer rides. The tasks are simple – but trying to complete them whilst upside down and moving at high speed is another thing!

It’s an adrenalin packed programme with lots of twists and turns – a must see for all thrill seekers.

Starts 7pm, Sunday 2nd May, EXCLUSIVELY on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin Media 124)

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