Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Tuesday, 1 March 2011, 10:00PM – 10:30PM

Having fallen out with Ben, Belle is determined to leave behind her complicated London life as she arrives in New York to work on her own movie. But the movie isn’t quite what she’d hoped and Belle soon starts to miss Ben. Meanwhile, Ben has his hands full with the increasingly minx-like Poppy. 

Secret Diary of a Call Girl has been renewed for another season.

Showtime has ordered a fourth season of the popular English series which is confirmed to be its last also.

The series, which centres on Piper’s escort Belle, will run for eight half-hour episodes in its fourth season before wrapping up.

The main storyline for the season will continue around Belle being torn between her secret career and her feelings for best friend Ben.

The series is likely to make its return early next year

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reviews of first and last pages of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, first season …

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Thursday 15 November 2007 10:30pm – 11:00pm on ITV2.

Colin Salmon stars alongside Billie Piper in the last episode in this series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

In the final episdoe of the series Belle (Billie Piper) tells us she is educated and expensive and that she attracts a high class of clientele. We meet one such client, Mitchell (Colin Salmon), a very rich American film producer. He tells Belle he thinks she has what it takes to be a ‘courtesan’ – a very high class prostitute.

Mitchell introduces Belle to an elite band of international courtesans who each have a very small number of clientele. They interview Belle rigorously and Belle is delighted when they accept her as one of their number. Belle is also thrilled to be able to tell Stephanie (Cherie Lunghi) that she will now no longer require her managerial services.

Mitchell is Belle’s first client as a courtesan and Belle is bowled over when he bequeaths her his extraordinary penthouse apartment. But Belle discovers that being a courtesan is like being a very highly paid wife – she has to be wherever the clients wants her to be and wait around for them for long periods of time.

This comes to head when she finds herself bored and alone in a cottage in Scotland hanging around for Mitchell to finish filming. Where has the independent, in-control Belle gone?

She returns to London and leaves Mitchell’s swanky apartment for her own more modest one. She tells Ben (Iddo Goldberg) that she liked her life the way it was – lots of clients, who she saw when she wanted to. Ben says he will help her set up as an independent escort, working entirely for herself, and even offers to be her ‘security’.

He has some changes happening in his own life which may offer a change of perspective…

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Thursday 8 November 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

Iddo Goldberg felt the odd one out for keeping his clothes on during the filming of raunchy Secret Diart of a Call Girl.

“It was quite funny because every time I went on set in the studio there would be people walking around in dressing gowns. It almost felt like working in a brothel. I felt like the caretaker.

“I felt cheated, I’m telling you. It was an outrage. I was robbed,” jokes Iddo, who plays Hannah’s best friend, Ben.

Iddo finally got his one chance to bare all when Ben persuades Belle to let him be part of a foursome with paying clients.

“I was excited rather than nervous by the chance to be in those scenes. I’m fairly fit as I’ve been exercising all my life. I try to stay fit and healthy, although I do like my food and my beer but I’m not worried about my body. I’m not really a very hairy person, although I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

“Clever make-up always helps. You see many people on TV and they look perfect but in reality they can be far from it.”

As for the raunchy scenes, they didn’t worry Iddo: “The director of photography did an amazing job, all the scenes you think are going to be fairly rude are actually quite sensual. It comes across as a situation you’d like to be part of. Intimacy on screen can intimidate you at times, but this didn’t.”

In episode seven, written by Julie Gearey, Belle’s been booked by a couple for a foursome and Ben suggests he be her professional partner this one time. Belle is shocked – not only was he appalled by what she does for a living up until very recently, but what makes him think it’s that easy to turn professional escort over night? Does he think she just opens her legs and moans?

Ben begs her to give him a chance – he puts himself through Belle’s ‘interview’ test and finally she agrees to give him a go. Ben prepares for the big night and undergoes all the necessary preening and pampering. The couple, Liam and Kate, arrive giggly and nervous. Then the fun begins: Belle with Kate; Ben with Kate; Belle with Liam; then Kate and Liam find one another and start to make love all on their own.

Belle and Ben find themselves in an awkward tryst. Ben is desperate to cross the line with Belle, but will Belle take control of the situation? Kate and Liam are thrilled with how the evening went and thank Belle and Ben for reinvigorating their sex life. Belle is seamlessly charming, but Ben is struggling.

Alone once more Ben confides to Belle that he found the whole thing disconcerting and acknowledges that there is a lot more to what she does than he thought there was. He is struck by her ability to detach herself emotionally – he clearly hasn’t. Alone with us Belle confides that sex with more than one person is a doddle for her – its one to one she can’t handle.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Thursday 1 November 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

Belle receives a bad review on the internet – from a punter who’s always doing it to girls, just for fun. As a result, her work drops off and clients are thin on the ground. So she accepts a booking at midnight – from an ordinary seeming guy – who once he’s inside the flat turns weird and very scary.

She goes to see Ben for comfort who encourages her to see that she’s crazy to accept this kind of thing, as what she does is dangerous. He asks her to take a break from work for a bit and get a bit of perspective. She agrees – she’ll take a break until the affect of her bad review dies down. But the break is boring – she doesn’t like the look of normal life as lived by everyone else and she doesn’t know how to spend her time.

She decides to buy a wedding present for Ben and Vanessa, where she meets a cute guy working in the shop. They have a one night stand and the following morning Belle doesn’t know what to do with herself. She hasn’t had a non paid for sexual encounter for years and she doesn’t know what the rules are. Clients leave when their time’s up but this guy wants to stay for breakfast…and then go out for lunch.

Panicking, she calls Ben and asks him for help. Ben comes over and ejects him and then asks how her break from work was. Belle says it showed her how much she likes her work and that she’s going back but just hopes the effect of the bad review will soon wear off.

When she receives a phone call from Stephanie saying she’s received a rave review and everyone is asking for her, Belle wonders who wrote it… could it have been Ben?

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Thursday 25 October 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

Shopping for his wedding suit with Belle, Ben is still reeling from her recent revelation. Hurt that she never told him, confused by what it means, there’s a frostiness between them.

Belle explains that she’s got a threesome booking that day – Ashok, her regular client has decided he wants two girls this time. Belle’s a little nervous. It’s not that she doesn’t like having sex with women, it’s just that she doesn’t get on that brilliantly with them.

She meets Naomi, an older, much more experienced escort who takes her in hand. Together they prepare for the appointment – sharing lipsticks and checking out each others’ sex toys. Belle starts to enjoy herself and begins to think this ‘girly’ thing could be quite fun after all. And the sex is great – the girls help each other out, have a laugh and Ashok is in heaven. When they finish and Naomi suggests hanging out, the girls go to the sex clinic together, share client stories and Belle begins to start understanding friendships with girls. So when Ashok chooses the new girl over her Belle is devastated.

Dumped by a favourite client, shafted by her new ‘girlfriend’ she doesn’t know where to turn. Feeling very low, she calls Ben who agrees to come round. He says he’s finding it tough, but he’s going to try and be a grown up and deal with the revelation.

Producer Chrissy Skinns explains the development as the series continues, “We have created a dramatic narrative and the stories each week reveal something about Belle’s life: from literally what her work day entails, to the difficulties of balancing her professional life with her personal life, which is mainly focused on her relationship with her best friend, Ben.”

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Thursday 18 October 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

Ben and Belle go for a run. He tells her he’s getting married to his girlfriend, Vanessa. Belle’s hurt; he’s been engaged for weeks without telling her. When a good client, Belle’s accountant Larry, says he’d like to try S and M, she decides to give it a go. She meets a professional dominatrix who shows her the ropes (literally). Using her slave as an example, the domme teaches Belle how and where to use a whip and how to treat the client. She gives Belle an insight into the world of S and M. During the session, Ben calls, wanting to make it up with Belle. She’s been in a mood with him and refused to take phone calls since the revelation about the engagement. When Belle hears the messages, she gets increasingly angry and lets this out on her client. She goes further than he’s comfortable with and has to apologise. She tries to have it out with Ben but he says he doesn’t know why he should tell her everything when she clearly tells him nothing. He says it’s so obvious she’s keeping secrets…maybe they’re not as close as Belle likes to think. This worries Belle – and feeling like she’s going to lose her friend, she decides to let him in on her secret. She sends him a text with her professional website address…

Producer Chrissy Skinns explains the development as the series continues, “We have created a dramatic narrative and the stories each week reveal something about Belle’s life: from literally what her work day entails, to the difficulties of balancing her professional life with her personal life, which is mainly focused on her relationship with her best friend, Ben.”

Speaking about episode four, Chrissy continues: “When we came to shoot the episode about S & M, a dominatrix came on set and explained the safety elements, where not to hit a client and how to walk on a man wearing stilettos…”

Billie Piper found that having lessons with a professional was a real benefit: “We had a genuine dominatrix on set, she was really sweet and cool and fascinating. I just kept thinking whereabouts in London do these things take place and who do they take place with? What drives a person to do that and what do you get out of it? Our ‘domme’ was open and candid, really insightful. I had quite an education. Like with most of these things it’s all about control and ego, whether letting go of control or acquiring control. It’s quite easy to understand once you work out the premise of the whole thing.

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