Secret State

10:00pm Wednesday, November 28 on C4

The final part of the political thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Gina McKee, Charles Dance and Rupert Graves. Following the attack on Anthony Fossett, Agnes (Ruth Negga) tries every avenue to contact Tom Dawkins (Byrne) and share information about what brought down the Prime Minister’s plane. When MI6 brief Dawkins about the cause of the crash, he takes drastic steps to stick to his principles as the true intentions of those around him become clear.

10:00pm Wednesday, November 14 on C4

Gabriel Byrne, Douglas Hodge, Gina McKee, Charles Dance, Rupert Graves and Ruth Negga star in the four-part political drama written by Robert Jones and directed by Ed Fraiman, which is inspired by Chris Mullin’s novel A Very British Coup. Following his shock election victory, Tom Dawkins launches an enquiry into the toxicology anomalies at the blast in Scarrow. As British intelligence locates the whereabouts of al-Qaeda chief Tamin al-Ghamdi, a reluctant Dawkins is pressed to take him out. Meanwhile, after her superiors at GCHQ fail to take her findings seriously, Agnes reaches out to the one man she thinks could help her.

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