Sell Me The Answer

This November, Sky1 HD promises to have you glued to your TV sets as the channel makes its launch into daytime television. Following the start of ANGELA & FRIENDS on Monday 9 November, ex Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones will present a great new and innovative quiz show called SELL ME THE ANSWER.

The stakes are high in this game of all or nothing that packs a powerful punch. This fast-paced and fresh quiz show will leave you wondering just who you can trust when everyone is out for themselves.

SELL ME THE ANSWER will see contestants working alongside a 60 strong- pool of ‘Traders’ as they attempt to win up to £25,000 in prize money.  Every episode Gethin will ask the contestant up to ten questions, each worth an increasing amount of cash. If the contestant does not know the answer they are invited to shout out to the ‘Traders’ to “Sell me the answer!”

All the ‘Traders’ on the floor will then fight it out to get noticed by the contestant, each trying desperately to convince them that they know  the answer.  The contestant must then select two ‘Traders’ who are both given ten seconds each to explain why they are best suited to answer the question correctly.  At this point difficult decisions need to be made; who can the contestant trust?  Who is telling the truth?  Do either of the ‘Traders’ really know the answer or are they simply bluffing?

Gethin Jones commented: “I’m really looking forward to being part of this great new quiz show format. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see how the contestants and traders react when big money prizes are up for grabs.  The lure of money does funny things to people and I expect that there will be fireworks in the studio!”

Once the ‘Trader’ has been selected, the contestant has a further 30 seconds to negotiate a price for the answer.  However, there is no guarantee that their answers will be correct and the contestant could end up leaving the show with nothing. 

If the contestant manages to make it to the tenth question they will be given the opportunity to risk all the money they have won so far on one final question.  If they get that question right, without the help of any of the ‘Traders’, they walk away with a cool £25,000; if they get it wrong they leave the studio empty handed.

SELL ME THE ANSWER will air every weekday from Monday 9 November at 3.30pm, on Sky1 HD and Sky1.

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