Shortland Street

Ex-Coronation Street actor Adam Rickitt appears to be back into the swing of things in the UK as he attempts to revive his musical career.

The 32-year-old, who recently exited kiwi soap Shortland Street to take another stab at singing, performed in London’s G-A-Y club over the weekend to an adoring crowd of hundreds.

Rickitt, whose 2000 single I Breathe Again launched him as a gay icon, performed both old and new tracks on stage before ending the gig in only a pair of jocks.

Check out the pics here.

Catch Rickitt in Shortland Street weeknights on Living.

Source: Daily Mail

3:00pm Monday, August 23 on LIVING

New Zealand’s longest-running soap comes to the UK this week with double bills of classic episodes of Shortland Street. The series is a beloved Kiwi institution that follows the personal and professional drama surrounding a group of doctors at an Auckland hospital. Viewers can learn what has kept TV fans in New Zealand hooked for 18 years, as some of the most exciting episodes reintroduce the intense and emotional show to British audiences.

The action focuses on Kieran Mitchell (Coronation Street cutie Adam Rickitt), a handsome young Englishman who moves to New Zealand to open a bar, only to become entangled in scandal and crime in Ferndale, the fictitious suburb where the series is set. It is not just a tense love triangle with volatile Claire and sweet-natured Libby that is troubling Kieran. He also has a secret and unsavoury past that threatens to destroy his new life in New Zealand when a mysterious woman named Suchin comes looking for him.

Kieran has plenty to worry about with his romantic life in a shambles, but his lady issues are actually not the worst of his problems. A serial killer is terrorising Ferndale and Kieran becomes the main suspect for the crimes. Will he be cleared or convicted of the grisly killings? Viewers can see what happened when one of the UK’s best loved soap stars travelled to the other side of the world for even more drama and romance, when exciting instalments of Shortland Street appear this week, only on LIVING.

Jackson exits MasterChef

Olympic hurdler Colin Jackson has exited Celebrity MasterChef in the first episode of Knockout Week. The athlete was narrowly beaten by Christine Hamilton and Neil Stuke on the BBC One show. Hamilton and Stuke will compete against Lisa Faulkner, Dick Strawbridge and Chris Walker for the title.

Celebrity MasterChef pulls 4.26m

BBC One’s Celebrity MasterChef drew an audience of 4.26 million viewers on Wednesday night, giving it a 20% audience share in the 8pm hour slot. New Channel 4 show Newlyweds pulled in 2.3 million in the 9pm hour.

Webb to host new Channel 4 comedy

Robert Webb will host a new comedy show for Channel 4 which will look at social networking sites and other online sources. The series will be entitled Robert’s Web and will screen alongside Peep Show next year.

BBC Three pilots to screen online

Three BBC pilots will screen online a week before they hit TV screens to allow fans to get in early. Neil Morrissey’s Inn Mates, The Klang Show and The Adventures of Daniel will all be available to watch on the BBC Three blog, with Inn Mates online now.

Rickitt returns to UK screens

Ex-Coronation Street actor Adam Rickitt will return to British screens this August in kiwi soap Shortland Street. Living will be screening the show weeknights starting from where Rickitt’s character Kieran entered the soap.

Ex-Coronation Street actor Adam Rickitt will make a return to British screens this month with news that New Zealand soap Shortland Street has been picked up and will screen on weeknights.

The Living network has acquired the popular kiwi soap and will broadcast it as double bills on weeknights staring at the point where Adam Rickitt’s character Kieran first appears on the soap.

A statement from Living said: “Viewers can learn what has kept TV fans in New Zealand hooked for 18 years, as some of the most exciting episodes reintroduce the intense and emotional show to British audiences.”

English actor Rickitt , who travelled out to New Zealand after an extended stint on Coronation Street as Nick Tilsley, debuted in 2007 on Shortland Street where his character headed to NZ as a backpacker.

Rickitt has since returned to the UK in order to pursue a career in music which he started prior to his acting.

It will not be the first time Shortland Street has screened in the UK, with ITV running the show up until 2003.

Catch Shortland Street weeknights on Living starting on August 23.

Source: WhatsOnTV


Between 1994 – 2000 and in 2003 New Zealand’s longest running soap Shortland Street screened on ITV, but where is it now??

As much as I love Home & Away (& sometimes Neighbours), I miss NZ’s Shortland Street!

Whilst the show did used to be cringeworthy, it has much improved since 2007 and i think it’s time that it came back!

The storylines are strong, the acting has improved tenfold and the general look of the show is world class!

It’s not that hard to catch up on (maybe a 1 hour launch episode explaining some crucial info about it’s current storylines) but it would be great for the UK to see a Kiwi soap!


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