Travel to the future with Skyland! Mahad and Lena have to once again band together to battle the evil Sphere, a powerful dictatorship that ruthlessly controls the world’s precious water supply.

Skyland’s back with a bang as Lena and Mahad find themselves on board a patroller transporting a dying Oslo. Since Oslo is the key to finding their mother they agree to accompany him to a remote block where his power can be recharged by his twin brother.

The year is 2251, Earth as we know it has shattered into millions of pieces that now orbit the planet’s core. These blocks remained suitable for living, and life resumed on them. Water is now the most precious resource. The Sphere, a council of leaders assembled from all over the world, has installed a dictatorship that controls
water distribution. Their immense army is composed of robots, called Brigadiers, and is led by an elite force, the Guardians. Oslo, a maniacal power hungry ruler with telekinetic powers is the leader of the Guardians.

Marcus and Mila, a married couple who spearhead the pirate resistance movement, seem poised to fulfill an ancient prophecy telling of Skyland’s rebirth, thus raising the hopes that the Sphere will be toppled.

They have a dangerous but happy life, bringing a son, Mahad, into the world soon after their union. Shortly before the birth of their second child, Lena, Marcus and most of the pirates disappear during a major offensive against the Sphere. With hope for the freedom all but collapsed, Mila decides to raise her children under a new identity: as a Mansa farmer on a quiet block called Babylonia.

Mila is kidnapped by Oslo, the evil leader of the Guardians. Her children manage to escape, and find refuge living near an eccentric savant, the Vector, in Porto Angel, a port led by the pirate Aran Cortes. Mahad and Lena will try to free their mother while Oslo tries to capture Lena, who is the key to absolute power.

At first, Oslo thought that the prophecy spoke of Mila and himself, but now he’s convinced that Lena is the “light” that will allow him to dominate Skyland. The resistance movement believed that the prophecy spoke of Mila and Marcus. When Marcus disappeared, this interpretation was forgotten. Very few people now believe in the prophecy. This is a major dispute between the Vector and Cortes.

Mila has learned that her daughter is ‘the light’ spoken of in the prophecy. She decides to keep this from her children until they are adults, so they may have a normal childhood. They learn about the prophecy and Mila’s past soon enough. The Sphere leaders do not believe in this prophecy. The inhabitants of Skyland believe that the prophecy speaks of human beings, referring to Mahad and Lena.

An eye-popping blend of motion capture, CGI, 2D and key frame animation combine to provide audiences aged 9 to 14 this revolution in television animation. A uniquely rich visual style, stunning imagery, a superb concept and imaginative storytelling are the hallmark of this exciting television series.

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