Something For The Weekedn

If, like me, you like to be irritated on a Sunday morning, you’ll tune in for BBC Two’s Something For The Weekend.

The basic premise for the show is to watch Tim Lovejoy treat all women with absolute disgust and indifference (depending on how attractive they are), followed by a cookery spot from Simon Rimmer who looks nervous around Lovejoy and his women hatery. There’s also young women caressing gizmos and a cock-er-nee man who takes cocktails very seriously indeed… like he’s married to one.

There’s also a man, just off camera, who is seemingly paid to erupt with annoying laughter every time Tim Lovejoy makes a joke. I often imagine him self-harming over pictures of the Olly Murs lookalike and weeping “why won’t he notice me?”

In amongst all this self-loathing is the long-suffering Amanda Hamilton. She’s a perfectly sweet human being who is looking at bit dead in the eyes after putting up with Something For The Weekend for godknowshowlong.

Well, the bad news is that Amanda Hamilton is leaving and is going to be replaced by an android with baps.

That’d be former Eternal crooner Louise Redknapp (formerly Nurding) who will enter the fray and remind Lovejoy of all those FHM photoshoots she did, and in turn, make him pine for The Nineties (clearly Lovejoy’s favourite decade).

Redknapp did a three-week guest stint over the summer when Hamilton was preggers and clearly impressed the makers of the show.

“I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to interview some great guests,” Redknapp said. “Working with Tim and Simon and presenting live is an exciting prospect.”

God. You marry a footballer and you end up talking like a footballer.

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