10:00pm Thursday, September 23 on M4

Brand New Series: John receives an unexpected request from his ex-wife; Lydia and Russell are paired off to work together again to look into a homicide case and Sal gives his wife Susan a present to celebrate her promotion but his daughter puts a dampener on the evening when she reveals a secret Sal has been hiding from his Susan. Last in series.

10:00pm Thursday, September 16 on M4

Brand New Series: Gangsters open fire in a crowded club and kill two people. Elsewhere, tensions rise between Sal and Gil, while Sammy confronts his wife Tammi.

10:00pm Thursday, September 9 on M4

Brand New Series: Lydia and her new partner Ray arrive in Compton, where a student was murdered. Meanwhile, John and Ben go to the funeral of a police officer and Lydia confronts her mother.

10:00pm Thursday, September 2 on M4

Brand New Series: Ben is alone in the patrol unit for the first time and is asked to look into the disappearance of a missing girl and a suspected stalking case. Lydia and Rene help out Brianna and her baby.

10:00pm Thursday, August 26 on M4

Brand New Series: John and Ben are called to investigate a gruesome triple homicide in Hancock Park. Elsewhere, Lydia and Rene acknowledge their differences, Sammy has marriage problems and Ben confronts John about his reliance on prescription drugs.

10:00pm Thursday, August 12 on M4

Brand New Series: John, Ben, Chickie and Dewey discover a dead gang member outside a sports stadium. Elsewhere, Sammy persuades Lydia to take in Janilla to keep her safe and Sal is upset at his deteriorating relationship with his teenage daughter.

10:00pm Thursday, August 5 on M4

Brand New Series: Lydia and Russell investigate a spate of jewellery theft in Bel Air, Ben becomes personally involved with a victim and Sammy takes a key witness home to ensure her safety.

10:00pm Thursday, July 29 on M4

Brand New Series: Detective Salinger’s gun is stolen by gang members after a car accident. While trying to find the weapon, Sammy and Nate stumble upon a shocking truth; the gang have enough weapons and armour to form a street army. Meanwhile, Lydia is surprised when a man turns up at her front door.

10:00pm Thursday, July 15 on M4

Brand New Series: Ben discusses his past with a therapist and John and in doing so, helps his peers better understand his career decisions. Meanwhile, Dewey creates friction with Chickie by becoming star-struck with a vain actor.

10:00pm Thursday, July 8 on M4

Brand New Series: Cooper, Sherman and Brown find a baby that has been abandoned in the middle of a busy intersection. The case hits Adams hard, who must deal with her past in order to help the baby.

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