11:40pm Sunday, March 27 on M4

Another chance to see the second series of the cult Channel 4 comedy. Daisy returns from a trip to Asia pursued by a sinister government agency. To make matters worse, Tim seems to have found himself a new flatmate while she was away.

11:40pm Sunday, February 6 on M4

A chance to see the first series of the cult Channel 4 comedy which first aired back in 1999. Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) and Daisy Steiner (Jessica Stevenson) are two disillusioned twenty-somethings thrown together by the need to find somewhere to live. He’s a broken-hearted skateboarder, she’s a directionless, wannabe journalist. Fate has kicked them out onto the mean streets, where they meet for the first time in a greasy spoon cafe and hatch their plot to find a flat, even if it means sharing.

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