Star Stories

Wednesday 24 December at 10:35pm on C4

How did Naomi Campbell (Rosalyn Wright) help Kate Moss (Laura Patch) become a top model? Why was she attracted to all the wrong guys? What did Johnny Depp (Tom Meeten) warn her to stay away from? Just how much money did Pete Doherty (Kevin Bishop) borrow from her and for what reason? Why was it that a one-time dabble with drugs led her career to collapse to an all-time low? And what part did Top Shop play in her incredible rise to fame and fortune once again? The series continues when Bono gets the Star Stories treatment this Friday.

Thursday 18 December 2008 at 10:00pm on C4

The fairytale relationship of Peter André and Jordan AKA Katie Price is finally told in this revealing look behind the scenes of their romance. We chart Jordan’s dizzying ascent to the top of the glamour modelling world. We discover just how Peter became a famous pop star with a fondness for taking his top off and making up hybrid words. Watch again how they met and how they fell in love in the celebrity jungle. Check out their celeb-studded wedding with the likes of Kerry Katona. Find true love in this silicone-packed adventure.

Thursday 4 December at 10:00pm on Channel 4

Tongue-in-cheek comedy Star Stories once again forces open the closely guarded world of celebrity, as the lives and loves of international pop stars, fashion icons and glamour models are satirically reconstructed in series three. Just how did Sir Elton (Kevin Bishop) become the Patron Saint of Celebrities? Find out how he spent the 70s in a blizzard of cocaine, discover why it’s bad to be bald and a pop star and why it took so long for him to climb out of the closet.

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