Stephen Hawking’s Universe

7:00pm Saturday, October 2 on C4

In this two-hour series finale Professor Hawking tells the biggest tale of all: the entire history, present and future of the universe in one epic show: from the awe-inspiring energy of the Big Bang to the end of time itself. He explains how the universe came into being from nothing 14 billion years agoand also turns his attention to the ultimate mysteries: why the universe ever existed at all, and how it will end…

8:00pm Saturday, September 25 on C4

In the second programme of the series, Professor Hawking explores the world’s favourite “what if”: is time travel possible? With his trademark clarity, wit and humour, he considers a range of possibilities: could tiny worm holes hold the secret to travelling back in time? Might riding a black hole catapult us into the future? Hawking looks at the prospects, as well as the pitfalls – such as killing your own grandfather – of journeying through the fourth dimension.

8:00pm Saturday, September 18 on C4

In this new three-part series, the world’s most famous living scientist explores some of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. From the awe-inspiring energy of the big bang to the end of time itself, the series is a feast for both the eyes and the mind. Do aliens exist and what would happen if we met them? Is time travel possible and what are the potential pitfalls? And how did the universe come into being from nothing and how will it end? Tonight, Professor Hawking considers one of the most important mysteries facing humankind: the possibility of intelligent alien life.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Sundays from 9 May, 9.00pm

From the mind of the world’s most famous living scientist comes a television event that will stretch the imagination to the limits of the known universe. Professor Stephen Hawking explores the splendour and majesty of the stars and planets, galaxies and supernovae that shape and populate the cosmos. How did our universe begin? Could alien life be found in distant planets? Does our galaxy have a life expectancy? And is time travel possible?

More than 20 years after writing the groundbreaking A Brief History of Time, Hawking offers a fresh perspective on these mysteries, charting the history of the universe, from the awe-inspiring energy of the big bang to the end of time itself. Cutting edge effects, digitally enhanced NASA footage and live action are combined to bring Hawking’s extraordinary vision of the universe to the screen for the first time in this visually stunning and captivating three-part series. Stephen Hawking’s Universe is a fascinating look through the mind’s eye of one of the finest brains on the planet.

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