Steve Jones and his Brothers: Great Amazon Adventure

Professional hunk, Steve Jones, is going to take on the Amazon.

No, not the place where you order DVDs and junk… the mondo rainforest thing that TV has been overly obsessing about since Bruce Parry went native.

Yessireebob, Sky1 have commissioned a show called Steve Jones and his Brothers: Great Amazon Adventure which sees the spunk jetting off with his actual siblings.

The one-off documentary special will be broadcast on Wednesday 21 April.

To celebrate Sky’s week of rainforest and environment programming, Steve Jones, will be going on the ultimate lad’s adventure to the Peruvian Amazon, and will be taking his brothers Jonathan, a civilian aeronautical engineer, and Chris, a private bodyguard, along for the ride.

They will embark on many adventurous activities in the Rainforest, trying to live and survive in the Jungle, all of which will serve to highlight the pressures that one of the world’s most crucial and endangered regions is under.

Celia Taylor, Commissioning Editor Factual, Sky1 HD, commented: “This documentary will be a breath of fresh air in the debate about the destruction of the rain forest. It is a funny and exciting boys adventure for the gorgeous Steve Jones and his equally lovely brothers who, when not taking the mick out of each other, may have their eyes opened as to what goes on in the Amazon.”

Ed Stobart, Executive Producer, Ginger Productions commented: “This programme will be hugely entertaining to viewers while helping to deliver an important message. We are delighted to have Steve Jones and his brothers Jonathan and Chris on board to help us raise awareness of this endangered region.”

I bet he woos a tree and gets it pregnant. I bet you.

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