Suburban Shootout

suburban shootout (3/3)

Concluding this evening is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy about two gangs of vigilante housewives who run the seemingly idyllic town of Little Stempington. In tonight’s series finale, a shocking discovery puts Camilla’s plans for a super casino on hold; Joyce takes drastic action to regain control of the town; and Barbara’s new ally, Donna, turns out to be a little troublesome.

Having successfully blackmailed the local MEP, Toby, to change his policy about development on the town’s wetlands, Camilla has organised a special ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the work on her new project –a Robin Hood-themed super casino to be built in the heart of ‘Englandshire’. Barbara, now out of prison but subject to an electronic tag and a curfew, rushes to the scene to see what has been happening in her absence. When she learns of Camilla’s plans, she is not happy. “I’ll skin him alive,” she promises, on hearing about Toby’s involvement.

With the press in attendance, Little Stempington’s mayor places the shovel into the ground, only to uncover the hand of a skeleton holding a golf club. “That’s not where we buried it!’ says Camilla to Barbara. Two years earlier, it emerges, Camilla and Barbara dispatched a burglar using Stuart’s golf clubs, before burying him in the allotments. Assigned the unenviable task of moving the body, Marge decided the wetlands would be a better home for the corpse. Now, the discovery of the body not only puts the super casino plans on hold, but also threatens to put Barbara and Camilla behind bars.

Determined to avoid such a speedy return to prison, Barbara heads home and confers with her crew. The women decide that they must get hold of the only two pieces of evidence linking the two gang leaders to the crime –Stuart’s golf clubs and the body. To this end, they decide to hold a summit meeting with Camilla’s gang. “It will be just like old times,” says Marge, excitedly. “We can even take some nail bombs stuffed in our knickers!”

When the rival mobs meet in a deserted car park, it is not long before old hostilities come to the fore and guns are drawn on both sides. But, with a shared objective, they eventually arrive at a plan: executing a two-pronged attack, Camilla’s team will get hold of Stuart’s golf clubs, whilst Barbara and her girls will take care of the body.

Desperate to return the kindness Barbara showed her in prison, Donna begs to be involved with the plan, and is allowed to retrieve the body. This decision, however, proves to be something of a mistake. Arriving at the crime scene in the middle of the night, Donna sneaks past the incompetent police officers, supposedly on guard duty, and cuts her way into the evidence tent. “Daz!” she screams, on spotting a tasteless necklace hanging around the corpse’s neck. Could she have recognised the unfortunate burglar?

The next day, Pam and Marge discover that Barbara is missing, so head to the tearoom for a showdown with Hilary and Lillian. However, Camilla’s girls claim to know nothing about Barbara’s disappearance, insisting that their leader has also vanished. “There’s something very odd here,” says Marge. Just then, Joyce –who had been in hospital after suffering something of a breakdown –strolls past the window holding Barbara’s ‘floral assault rifle bag’. It seems Joyce has decided to take control of Little Stempington, and the rival groups must join forces to stop her. “Remember, she’s armed and dangerous,” says Lillian, as she and the other women go in pursuit of their target. “But then again, so are we.”

Meanwhile, Barbara and Camilla are chained up in the bedroom of a local showhome. The man they killed two years ago was none other than Donna’s brother, and she intends to take her revenge with petrol and matches. “Death by trailer trash,” considers Camilla, in disbelief. Is this the end for Little Stempington’s crime bosses, or can the housewives effect a last-minute escape?

suburban shootout (2/3)

Continuing on Five this evening is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy about two gangs of vigilante housewives who run the seemingly idyllic town of Little Stempington. In tonight’s episode, Camilla and her posse carry out cunning stings in the fields of politics and law enforcement; the town’s first fight club opens for business; Joyce begins to lose control of her mob; and Barbara is offered her freedom… at a price.

After suffering an explosive attack to her property at the hands of Barbara’s henchwomen, Camilla is in a defiant mood. “It’s time I showed Little Stempington who’s in control!” she screams, smashing her teacup against the wall. It is not long before she puts her plan into action: in order to gain the planning permission she needs to build her super casino on the town’s wetlands, Camilla intends to get the local MEP onside.

In the days running up to the election, Camilla employs the dubious services of cohort Hilary Davenport who attempts to lure parliament hopeful Toby into a sexual encounter. However, the married Toby is committed to the preservation of nature. Camilla, however, does not give up so easily: “If we don’t nail this fungus-loving ecoclown, there’ll be no planning permission,” she barks. “Failure is not an option.”

Hilary redoubles her efforts and is soon sharing a spliff with Toby. After a prolonged smoke, Hilary finds her mark more pliable and convinces him to get into a rather compromising position –all of which is caught on camera by Camilla. Should Toby win the forthcoming election, Camilla and her gang will have an MEP in their pockets…

Toby is not the only person to suffer at the hands of Camilla’s duplicity this week. Having called Jeremy out in the middle of the night with reports of a suspected burglary, Camilla drugs the naïve police chief and drags him into her jacuzzi. When Joyce receives a mysterious DVD in the post the following morning, she is shocked to see footage of her husband intimately involved with her adversary. Is Joyce losing control of the gang while Barbara is in prison?

Elsewhere, Lillian dreams up a new moneymaking scheme for Camilla’s crew when she witnesses a scrap between two women in a car park. She pitches her idea to her boss as “Little Stempington’s first fem-on-fem, no-holds-barred bloodfest,” and the town’s first all-female fight club is born. As it opens its gates for the first time, the organisers show they mean business: “Anyone smashed into a vegetative state will be dumped near an accident blackspot,” warns Camilla.

In order to aim publicity for the venture at the right women, the gang must first steal their rival group’s book of disputes –a comprehensive guide to “who hates who” in the town. A raid at gunpoint later, and Camilla and her girls have the precious tome in their possession, striking yet another blow against Joyce’s withering authority.

Meanwhile, in prison, Barbara is in a positive mood as she prepares to face the parole board. Before she goes in front of the panel, she cements a bond with her thuggish, arson-prone cellmate, Donna, and invites her to stay in Little Stempington when she is released. However, her good mood is short-lived as she discovers that the officer in charge of her parole report is a close friend of Camilla’s. He offers Barbara two options: either stay indefinitely in the high-security wing of a psychiatric hospital; or be released back into the community, but surrender to a curfew to be controlled by Camilla. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, what choice will the erstwhile gang leader make?

As Joyce’s control of the town gradually slips away, she decides to take some drastic action and heads to Camilla’s fight club dressed in combat gear. After delivering some harsh words to her opposing number, the big showdown begins. Could Joyce finally be showing the nerve she needs to regain authority, or has she handed the fate of the town to Camilla?

suburban shootout: meet the cast

anna chancellor plays camilla diamond

Anna Chancellor is one of this country’s most recognisable character actresses. She has appeared extensively on the big screen, with her most high-profile role to date being that of Duckface in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’. Anna’s television credits include ‘Spooks’, ‘Tipping the Velvet’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Rebus’, ‘Kavanagh QC’, ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Poirot’. Of her role as ice queen Camilla, Anna says: “When I was originally sent the script, I really wanted to play Hilary, the sexed-up blonde, but the producers greeted me with a blank look so I auditioned for the part of Camilla. Now I’m delighted I got it because I’ve really loved playing the role. “My character is terrifying. She’s got no conscience at all. She’s basically a posh female Ray Winstone!”

ralph ineson plays jeremy hazeldine

Ralph plays hapless police chief Jeremy Hazeldine. Ralph is instantly recognisable to most people for his role as odious sales rep Finchy in ‘The Office’. Says Ralph: “It got quite raunchy in the first series. In one episode they ended up at a swingers’ evening taking Viagra… that scene was very interesting to film! “This series has proved no less raunchy as Camilla drugs Jeremy and then stages a sexual scene in her Jacuzzi. That was only the first day!” Ralph has just finished making ‘Shoot on Sight’, a film about the July 7th London bombings. His other film credits include ‘From Hell’ with Johnny Depp and ‘First Knight’ with Richard Gere.

felicity montagu plays barbara du prez

Felicity plays upstanding pillar of the community Barbara Du Prez, who will stop at nothing to defend her village from the power-crazed Camilla. A familiar face to comedy fans, Felicity is best known for playing the put-upon personal assistant Lynn in ‘I’m Alan Partridge’. She has also appeared in ‘Nighty Night’. Felicity remarks: “Barbara is such a wonderful character to play. She is someone with supreme confidence in herself. I like her enormously and I’ve met people like that so I understand that type of woman. They know who and what they are and they’re a little scary. They are also polite and sticklers for manners, but can turn at the drop of a powder compact!”

suburban shootout (1/3)

Beginning on Five this evening is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy. Tonight’s episode sees Joyce struggling to cope with street life while her former leader is in prison.

Suburban Shootout charts the bitter rivalry between two gangs of vigilante housewives in the seemingly idyllic town of Little Stempington. The first gang is led by Camilla Diamond (Anna Chancellor, ‘Spooks’, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’) and is driven by greed; the second is steered by Barbara Du Prez (Felicity Montagu, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’) and works for the benefit of the community.

Picking up where the first series left off, the opening episode finds Barbara languishing in jail after being framed by Camilla. The leadership of her gang has passed to Joyce Hazeldine (Amelia Bullmore, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’), whose softly-softly approach is causing her to lose control of the town. Meanwhile, Camilla hits upon a plan to make her new casino a success by exploiting a team of asylum-seeking ballet dancers.

With Barbara banged up at Her Majesty’s pleasure, her crew have turned to Joyce for direction. Unfortunately, Joyce’s timid leadership is drawing criticism from gang members Pam (Lucy Robinson, ‘Cold Feet’) and Margaret (Cathryn Bradshaw, ‘Blackpool’). “For God’s sake, grow some balls!” Pam tells Joyce. “Little Stempington is slipping back into chaos!” Joyce insists that she wants to avoid bloodshed and plans a face-to-face meeting with crime boss Camilla. However, Camilla proves unwilling to negotiate, and their rendezvous ends with one housewife trying to push the other into a toilet.

Unhappy with Joyce’s captaincy, Pam petitions Camilla to join her gang. Camilla and her cohorts Hilary (Rachael Blake, ‘Home and Away’, ‘Lantana’) and Lillian (Emma Kennedy, ‘Notes on a Scandal’, ‘The Smoking Room’) test Pam’s commitment by forcing her to play Russian roulette at a picnic. “This is such an exciting interview technique, isn’t it?” Camilla remarks. Pam is allowed into the gang and soon learns about Camilla’s newest scheme: a secret mobile casino housed in a truck. But Camilla has doubts about Pam’s loyalty, so she plans another initiation ceremony at a tattoo parlour to test her.

Meanwhile, Camilla is forced to come up with a cunning plan when her new casino fails to generate much interest. It so happens that a troupe of male Belarussian ballet dancers is performing in Little Stempington – and the dancers choose the night of their show to demand political asylum. Camilla instantly sees an opportunity to exploit the handsome, athletic asylum seekers. “I’ve just thought of a sexy way to get the punters banging on the door of our mobile casino,” she says. Camilla convinces Joyce’s husband, clueless police chief Jeremy (Ralph Ineson, ‘The Office’) to house the Belarussians in a garden centre. Then, under cover of darkness, she marches them out to serve as hunky waiters in her casino. The bemused Belarussians are an instant hit with the gambling lady folk of Little Stempington – but when they hear of the scheme, Barbara and Joyce are determined to put a stop to it.

Also in this week’s episode, Jeremy entertains police officers from around the world who are in Little Stempington to discover why the crime rate is so low. However, a bent cop from Miami suspects that he has the answer when he suggests the town might be under the sway of organised crime. Jeremy quickly dismisses the idea: “I think we’d know if a gang of criminal vigilantes was operating under our noses,” he says – but the Miami cop soon discovers Camilla’s gang and wastes no time in making her a surprising proposition…

suburban shootout

Coming soon to Five is the second series of the award-winning, home-grown comedy-drama starring Anna Chancellor (‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’), Felicity Montagu (‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’) and Ralph Ineson (‘The Office’).

Picking up where the first left off, the second series features a heady mix of ladies-only fight clubs, Belarusian male escorts, intimidation, blackmail and shootouts. The British town of Little Stempington seems an idyllic suburban location but, underneath the apparent torpor of daily life lies a secret, highly sexed, ultra-violent world. Two competing gangs of vigilante housewives continue their underground activites.

The first is led by Camilla Diamond (Anna Chancellor) and is driven by greed; the second is steered by Barbara Du Prez (Felicity Montagu) and works for the benefit of the community. Barbara, in jail after being framed by Camilla, has handed the reins of leadership to Joyce Hazeldine, (Amelia Bullmore, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’). However, Joyce’s grip on the town is loosening and Camilla starts up a lucrative, ladies-only fighting arena where local women solve disputes.

At the same time, clueless police chief Jeremy Hazledine (Ralph Ineson) entertains officers from around the world who are in Little Stempington to discover why the crime rate is so low. However, a bent cop from Miami finds out the real reason for the lack of crime and introduces Camilla to the idea of building a super casino on the Wetlands. Will Barbara be able to restore order to the once sleepy town? Or will Camilla’s ambitious plans for a super casino change the face of the village forever?

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