Super Sharks

super sharks

The great white shark is one of nature’s most fearsome predators but also one which has been widely misunderstood through legend and fear. This fascinating documentary unravels the mysteries of these marine miracles, using cutting edge technology to show how they are built and how they rely on razor-sharp senses to hunt prey. The programme also features gripping interviews with people who have come face-to-face with these leviathans of the deep and lived to tell the tale.

Most people’s primary source of knowledge about sharks comes from the movies –but the reality of these fearsome fish is far different. Using state-ofthe-art scientific techniques, this programme deconstructs these giant predators like never before, offering a unique insight into their extreme engineering, sensory sophistication and surprising intelligence as they patrol the seas. Witness as researchers off the coast of South Africa –among the most shark-infested waters in the world –lift a one tonne, 17 foot great white from the water to fit it with a satellite tracking tag. This enables scientists to discover exactly where these sharks go when humans aren’t watching. The results are surprising!

Insightful and powerful graphics are used to magnify the creatures’ amazing physiques. Highdefinition animations and skeletal models are employed to bring viewers closer than ever before to the great white shark. There is also a rare glimpse inside the real thing, as experts perform a great white dissection.

The programme also features compelling stories from fishermen, bathers and divers, all who have had harrowing great white encounters and are thankfully still here to recount their experiences. They reveal a great deal more about shark behaviour, physiology and intelligence.

At its conclusion, the show offers a complete and unprecedented profile of the great white shark –a profile rooted in hard science and respect for these magnificent predators, rather than the age-old reliance on myth and hearsay.

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