Super Super

I’m a man confused. Channel 4, who has brought us the satirical rib pokings of Chris Morris in the past, has been profiling a thing which I cannot accept is a real thing.

Yet… there’s a very real and horrible feeling that it is all actually happening and…


Basically, Channel 4 have peered inside the dayglo world of Super Super Magazine. To anyone with at least half a functioning brain cell and one rudimentary eyeball, the whole thing seems too preposterous to be real.

It features a bunch of Nathan Barley’s talking earnestly about What They Do. Their remit seems to be being completely unaware of their own idiocy yet taking ‘fun’ and ‘happiness’ very seriously indeed, thereby, making ‘fun’ and ‘happiness’ not very gleeful at all, but rather, something that should be talked about endlessly whilst taking photographs of pensioners and wondering why flies have filled your office… especially around that rotten food you put in a plant pot.

Yet, even slagging it off seems weird because… well… if this is someone pranking us, then it might just be the funniest thing to be aired in 2009 and dammit, I could stomach a full series of it!

The videos have preyed on my every predujice about Fashionable London. The boneheads featured are so incredibly believable… yet completely unbelievable… and… and…

…you’re going to have to watch the 3 minute videos yourself and make up your own mind.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –

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