Supernanny US

Sunday, October 25 on E4

Jo meets the Moy family from Nebraska. Dad Harding, 44, is away from home most of the week and mum Michelle, 38, is left to look after the children; Hailey, 11, Camryn, 8 and Matthew, 4.

Sunday, October 25 on E4

Jo meets the Quinn family from New Hampshire. Swearing teenagers Cally, 16 and Casey, 14 are out of control and expect to be paid for doing household chores.

Saturday, October 24 on E4

Jo meets the Clauses. The family are on the brink of collapse and stay-at-home-mum Lorie, 43, is close to having a nervous breakdown.

Saturday, October 24 on E4

Supernanny Jo Frost meets the Brownings from California. Dad Charles, 58, is a preacher and his step-sons Erek, 17 and Devante, 14, don’t respect him because he doesn’t earn as much money as they’d like him to.

Sunday, October 11 on E4

Supernanny meets the Tafoyas, an Arizonian family in the grip of terrible behaviour. Parents Holly and James have three sons; James (7) who tells porkies, Tyler (5) who copies James and Ryan (2) who is twice as bad as his older brothers.

Sunday, October 11 on E4

Supernanny meets the McKeevers but soon finds herself the focus of the children’s bad behaviour.

Saturday, October 10 on E4

Jo meets the Dostals – a couple from Florida whose marriage is in crisis. After six years together, they are considering splitting up and it’s affecting the children.

Sunday, September 13 on E4

Supernanny Jo Frost travels to California to help out mum-of-four Wendy Wilson (37). Wendy, who is a singer with 90s band Wilson-Phillips and daughter of Beach Boys star Brian Wilson, is finding it hard to discipline her children after such a laidback childhood and husband Dan Knutson (39) often has to step in and take charge. Will Jo be able to work her magic with this Californian family?

Saturday 6 September 2008

David and Barbara Jeans waited 16 years into their marriage to have kids, and their three girls don’t show any mercy on the middle-aged pair. Four-year-old Andra dominates the family with her selfish demands, tantrums and violent outbursts.

Sunday 20 July 2008

With her no-nonsense parenting techniques, Jo Frost continues her mission stateside to help American families get back on track, giving advice to another couple who need help with their wayward offspring.

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