9:00pm Friday, September 3 on E4

Supernanny is called to deal with a food-phobic seven-year-old.

9:00pm Friday, August 27 on E4

Supernanny is on a mission to liberate a mum overwhelmed by the clingiest of toddlers.

9:00pm Friday, August 6 on E4

Jo Frost really has her work cut out when she meets Stuart and Laura, a kick boxing couple, and their kids, five-month-old Diesel, two-and-a-half-year-old Tegan-Olivia and five-year-old Matthew, whose aggressive and violent behaviour often leaves Mum battered and bruised.

9:00pm Friday, May 21 on E4

Dr Stephen Brickley and Dr Ann Gormley both have PHDs in neuroscience, but when it comes to controlling their two sets of twins they’ve run out of ideas.

9:00pm Friday, May 7 on E4

A mollycoddling mum and do-nothing dad are on Supernanny’s agenda this episode.

9:00pm Friday, April 30 on E4

Supernanny Jo Frost is in Birmingham to read the riot act to parents-of-four Martin and Natalie Williams. They both work full-time but it’s left to mum to do the lion’s share of the housework, cooking and parenting while dad puts his feet up and pursues his hobbies.

9:00pm Friday, April 23 on

Stuart and Sarah Bates had two lovely boys and dreamt of a girl to complete their brood. But when identical twin terrors Erin and Orla arrived, they turned the family upside down.

9:00pm Friday, April 16 on

Supernanny travels to Warrington to take on two brawling brothers, Louis, aged seven, and Rhys, aged five. The two boys have no respect for mum Steph, or each other, but when their dad Simon’s around it’s a different story.

Friday, April 9 on E4

Supernanny heads to Hertfordshire, where single mum Tara is being driven to despair by her aggressive four-year-old son who swears like a trooper and humiliates her in public.

Friday, December 18 on E4

Debbie is a single mum who juggles two jobs with bringing up her three daughters, Bethany 5, Ruth 3 and Hannah 2. When Supernanny arrives, she’s spat at, has things thrown at her and mum doesn’t do much to stop it.

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