This spring, join Eric Normal and the rest of his super chums for more death-defying scrapes with Mr Bad and a host of other criminally insane freaks in supernormal, the innovative and colourful animation series that, combined with a sharp, witty humour, appeals to both children and adults.

Superhero Junior High sits in the shadow of the hydroelectric power station by the used-car lot in the ordinary city of Crumptonville. When the school bell rings, this unremarkable brick building becomes the daily grind for its students – who just so happen to be superheroes. Sure, these students wear spandex to gym class and study for midterms on ‘Death Traps and Doomsday Machines’ but they still have all the problems of kids at normal schools. There are super-achievers, super-slackers, super-nerds and super-jocks. There’s even a teacher’s pet, but he lives in the basement and eats cats.

This wacky and hilarious animation series for eight to 12-year-olds proves you don’t have to be super to be a hero. Supernormal follows four friends at Superhero Junior high – a school for children with rather unusual super powers. That is, apart from Eric normal, a regular boy with no extraordinary powers whatsoever, but a determination to prove himself and fight the forces of evil with the help of his three superhero friends: Changerella, a peace-loving shape-shifter; the Brass Butt, a not so clever, but super-strong boy who uses his powerful, shiny brass bottom to battle evil; and Buzz girl, a sarcastic, four-armed girl with insect powers, but a weakness for porch lights.

They might collect cool capes but they still have all the problems of kids at ordinary schools, as well as having to deal with a host of baddies including Mr Bad, the school’s reluctant caretaker.

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