supersizers go…

Cookery shows on television are, by and large, utterly pointless. Most people you meet have never made a meal that’s been shown on the box. Food shows are there to give you an ideal to aspire to and agree with. They make you want to buy freshly slaughtered piglets from a toothless farmhand in exchange for mending his roof. They make you want to eat scallops, despite the fact that they are like fish sticks, only more expensive and not nearly as satisfying.

That’s why Giles Coren and Sue Perkins‘ show, Supersizers Go… is the perfect cookery programme. You are given precisely zero recipes, you get to laugh at the silly outfits and most of all, get to thrill at the two hosts ripping strips off each other for giggles.

While the supremely irritating Valentine Warner implores you to forage in a hedgerow to eat the eggs you’ve freshly plucked from a sparrow nest (to mix into the salad of dandelion leaves and used condoms)… while Jamie Oliver lisps his way around Rotherham with an air rifle popping pellets into per-pubescent rumps trying to get into the local chippy, Supersizers is simply happy to horse around whilst munching on some of the most disgusting food you’ll ever witness while wearing a ludicrous wig.

In Giles Coren, we have the swaggering Fleet Street chump, at ease with burping and offering morsels of food history (which are usually very interesting) and not at all concerned when playing the class clown.

In Sue Perkins, we’ve got a sarcastic wit who gamely throws herself into each period costume, each ridiculous food fad with absolute no regard for herself. She’s fun, pithy and doesn’t mind smacking people around the back of their head on our behalf.

As such, via this motley pairing, we get to see the food of bygone times coupled with indigestion and sniggers or, in some cases, a trip down a memory lane filled with Angel Delight and half melted Kinder Eggs.

The only problem you’ll have with the show is if you foolishly stop for a second and ask a rhetorical ‘Why are they doing this?’ You’re thinking along the lines of a normal, boring cookery show. Stop. Think of this more along the lines of watching the Eurovision Song Contest or Hollyoaks.

It’s simple. It’s dumb. It’s pure entertainment. Start loving it now and lighten up.

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