Surviving The Cut


What does it take to become a member of America’s Special Forces elite? Surviving The Cut follows the gruelling process by which the best of the best are recruited in various disciplines, such as the US Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescuemen, Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians and Marine Snipers.

In the first episode recruits head to the US Army Ranger School. For sixty-one days they replicate a war zone, with soldiers sleeping an average of three hours a night and receiving just one meal per day. Training continuously, they run missions 20 hours straight in mountains, swamps and dense woodlands. Most lose 20 pounds or more before it’s over, and only one candidate in three makes it through the course. Air Force Pararescuemen are the most highly trained combat search and rescue experts in US Special Operations.

When a pilot goes down behind enemy lines, these are the soldiers who stop at nothing to get them out. They are also surgically trained combat medics. Early on, students must survive one notoriously difficult milestone called “Extended Training Day”. It is 24 hours of pure hell: nothing else in any special operations training course rivals the torment of this single day. 



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